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Discover The Amalfi Coast

This is your complete 7-day itinerary so you discover what all the Amalfi Coast has to offer.

Day 1 – Salerno

Begin your discovery of the Amalfi Coast in what is known as the capital of the coast, Salerno. Salerno has a medieval city center where you will stumble upon the Salerno Cathedral, which was built on the ruins of a Roman temple. There is fascinating architecture to admire as well as lush gardens. Ready to begin your fantastic journey? Book one of the many yachts that we offer in Salerno.

Day 2 – Sorrento

cliff with building overlooking the waterThe following day, head to Sorrento. On the way to Sorrento, you will find hidden coves and high cliffs to explore and jump from. Sorrento is a magnificent sight to see with astounding cliffs, romantic restaurants and hotels. Stroll through the city and smell the fresh gnocchi alla sorrentina and chilled limoncello in the air. When in Sorrento, try Ristorante Bagni Delfino which has amazing views of the sea and fantastic seafood and Italian platters.

Day 3 – Procida

Pastel houses by the waterYour next stop is Procida, located in the Bay of Naples. This tucked away wonder is surrounded with lemon groves and houses painted in pastel pink, yellow, and blues. Also, admire fishermen docking in the 17th century harbor, Marina Corricella, which is the island’s oldest fishing village.

Day 4 – Ischia

Mountain and the seaNext, you will reach the largest volcanic island in the area. Welcome to the ‘island of eternal youth’ which received this name has due to its rich hot springs, thermal baths, and mud baths. Since this will be during the middle of your trip, it is the perfect place to completely relax.

Day 5 – Capri

Beautiful island in the Amalfi CoastCapri is a stop you do not want to miss. It is famous for its amazing cliffs, chic boutiques, elegant hotels, and turquoise water. In Capri you can find emerald-green grotos, rocky coves, as well as upscale hotels and designer shops like Gucci, Valentino, Fendi, plus local exclusive multibrand boutiques, It really has it all.

Day 6 – Amalfi

The Amalfi CoastFind yourself back in the mainland, in the famous town of Amalfi, which is the heart of it all. Find yourself in a bustling town filled with markets, medieval cathedrals, cozy restaurants, and shops.

Day 7 – Salerno

Salerno Bay

Your sailing journey ends where it all began in the lovely city of Salerno. Now that your journey is ending, feel free to explore Salerno in more detail and allow yourself to fully relax and enjoy the end of your trip. For example you can check out some amazing restaurants like Porca Vacca, La Posteria, and Botteghelle65 which offer many Mediterranean and seafood selections. Also, they all have outdoor seating so you can enjoy the most of Italy before going home.