Croatia Holiday Destinations

10 Reasons to Sail in Croatia

Despite the fact that there are stunningly beautiful places scattered throughout the globe that make for great places to set sail and explore, none can quite offer the same undeniable perks that Croatia can. And although there are dozens that could be listed, the following 10 should do the job of convincing you to go on a sailing holiday on the Adriatic waters of Croatia.

1. The Water

The first and foremost undeniable lure of Croatia is indeed the water. Crystal clear and so perfectly turquoise-colored to the point where it makes all other waters you’ve seen in your lifetime pale in comparison. No need to worry about murky waters where snorkeling seems more like a job than a fun activity, or not being able to peer over the side of the seacraft and see the coral reef you’re passing over. You simply can’t beat the waters of Croatia.

Water Croatia

2. The Sailing Community

Unlike other places of the world where fellow sailors are far from few, Croatia is famous for its thriving sailing community where people from all over the globe head here simply to hang out on the waters and spend the entire summer sailing. This means that although you can, of course, have some privacy out on the waters, you can also join in on all the fun with other boats offshore! It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s waiting for you in Croatia.

3. The Fun Festivals

Two ladies with beers in their hands celebrating

As mentioned above, with a thriving sailing community come along some of the best festivals in this part of Europe. Gorgeous people from all over the continent and beyond make their way to Croatia to take part in festivals like The Garden Festival and Unknown where music, DJs, parties, boos, and amazing people party the nights away in hopes of making it the best summer yet.

4. The Nudists

Say goodbye to tan lines and hello to that perfectly sun-kissed body you have been waiting all winter and summer to obtain. Not only that, who doesn’t love the view of beaches and sailboats?

5. The Delicious Food

In between all of that sunbathing, making new friends with fellow sailors, attending fun festivals, and exploring the underwater world, there is a big chance you are going to work up quite the appetite. Luckily for you, Croatia is home to some of the most incredible foods where island favorites combine with a sort of Italian fusion, making it undeniably delicious. Enjoy freshly caught and local fish, fresh produce, and tasty olives, and pair it all with a glass of rich wine, and you have got yourself the perfect Croatian meal to fuel you up before you head out on your next adventure of the day.

6. The Stunning Sunsets

To make that meal all the more enjoyable, why not gobble it down while watching the sun slowly sink behind the horizon as you admire its incredible colors atop the sailboat? With Croatian sunsets being considered as some of the most beautiful in the world, pop opens another bottle of wine or bubbly, cozy next to that gorgeous girl or guy you met at one of the festivals, and ask yourself why you haven’t been sailing in Croatia every single summer.

7. The Endless Islands

Croatia, The Endless Islands

With over 1,000 islands throughout Croatia, you are guaranteed to never be short of cool and awesome hot spots to check out, discover, and explore. Though not all of them are completely open to the public, there have been several that recently opened, meaning that your chances of finding some you can have all to yourself for the day are pretty big. Each island offers something unique and different from the next, where history, culture, and nature are in abundance and just waiting to be explored by you and your sailing buddies!

8. Photo Ops Galore

You are going to visit hundreds of islands and have insane festivals and parties throughout your sailing adventure in Croatia. So you can expect to take some of the best pictures you have yet to capture. Croatia is a fantastic place to bust out your camera or smartphone and capture beautiful images.

9. The Climate

As you probably figured, your chances of enduring fantastic warm weather while sailing in Croatia are colossal. Croatia has a Mediterranean climate. That means that the country boasts very mild winters, gorgeous springs, and summers with hot sunshine practically every single day. In fact, the average number of hours that Croatia sees of sunshine is 2,600 per year; this makes it one of the sunniest regions of the Mediterranean. Say goodbye to cloudy days and hello to eternal sunshine.

10. The Affordable Prices

Sailing in Croatia is very affordable (especially if you decide to do it with a huge group of friends). The meals and activities are also surprisingly cheap compared to its many neighboring countries. Don’t want to spend 18 or 30 dollars on a meal? You can get away with spending a mere 10 euros and saving those pennies on other fun things.

Are you heading out on an exciting sailing adventure throughout Croatia and its gorgeous waters? You will definitely leave with dozens of new memories to look back on for many years to come. And who knows, it may become your new favorite place to head for the entire summer!