Working at Tubber

Do you want to learn a lot about the travel industry in addition to a challenging job, and do you find it challenging to organize the perfect sailing holiday according to the traveler’s wishes? Then come and work or do an internship at Tubber.


Ahoy Skipper, welcome aboard!

We are Tubber; our goal is for everyone to experience an unforgettable life experience of sailing the world’s most beautiful blue waters! The ‘Tubber shipmates’ assist our customers before, during, and after their trip so they can enjoy an adventurous sailing holiday 100% carefree.

In recent years Tubber has become the Netherlands’ leading Sailing Holiday platform. In the coming years, we will grow fast and expand to several countries. We are looking for people to join us on this journey!

We work with a young, enthusiastic team at the TUBBER head office. We ask for flexibility, but we also offer it. We all work hard, but having fun with the team is just as important ๐Ÿ™‚. We try to spot dolphins at sea with the entire crew every year, so we are guaranteed the best company outing!

We currently have no job openings