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Catamaran Sailing Holiday In Beautiful Croatia

Sailing with a Catamaran in Croatia is the perfect choice for everyone! And no, that is not an over-exaggeration, just the simple truth, and we are ready to show you that. Quite an easy task actually, having in mind Croatia is the top sailing destination in 2019 along with Greece.

Going on a sailing adventure in Croatia is an experience you will never forget! With its steady winds and modern ports, Croatia is one of the best places to sail in the world. From ancient sites such as Split and Dubrovnik to charming fishing towns, small deserted islands, and crystal clear waters. This country sounds like a dream already. However, add all the benefits of the ultimate luxury sailing experience on a catamaran, and you have reached the peak of all holidays.


However, we know what you are asking yourself…

Why Go On A Sailing Holiday With Catamaran In Croatia? When To Go On A Sailing Holiday In Croatia? What Are The Benefits Of Sailing With A Catamaran? What Catamarans Are Available To Charter? Where Can I Sail?

No need to worry, the answers to all these questions can be found below and remember, in case you would like to know, even more, our charter experts are always here to help you! Now let’s dive in…

Why Go On A Sailing Holiday With Catamaran in Croatia?

Going on a holiday in Croatia is a fantastic experience for the whole family on its own. No matter if the group is composed of relatives or friends, chartering a catamaran in Croatia offers one of a kind experiences and incredible adventures for every kind of person. No matter the age, sailing abilities, or interests because this country has something for everyone. In Croatia, you admire the beauty of islands, big modern cities, and small authentic villages. You can swim in the crystal clear ocean, go snorkeling or embark on an adventure of exploring ancient ruins, delicious food, and rich culture.

Furthermore, the best way to explore this country, all of its stunning islands and secluded coves is by catamaran. This way, you can sail whichever itinerary the group desires. Explore whichever island group has captured your interest. And all of this while moving your accommodation with you. There is no need to stay in a hotel and battle crowds when a catamaran can offer you the same and even more comfort.

When To Go On A Sailing Holiday In Croatia?

Croatia is a country blessed with the perfect weather for sailing. It has warm, dry summers, with temperatures that range from 22 to 26°C in the continental region and 26 to 30°C in the coastal area. The little to no rain guarantees you will get the most out of your sailing holiday. The wind is generally from the northwest with a force that varies between 2 and 5. This leads to a long sailing season, which begins in May and lasts until October.

However, the best time to go on a Croatia catamaran charter is in May, June or September. These are the months we recommend because it will allow you to avoid the crowds of people in the marinas and tourist overload. However, if crowds and lively towns are something you seek anytime throughout the summer works perfectly for a sailing holiday in Croatia.

What Are The Benefits of Sailing With A Catamaran?

A catamaran sailing across a blue sea

Chartering a Catamaran is perfect for families and big groups in general. Most Catamarans have up to four cabins in each corner of the hull and still be spacious. This way, you and the other passengers get the privacy you need while still having a place to socialize and have fun. The saloon of the boat usually offers a stunning 360-degree view with big windows, which also allows an abundance of natural light to come in and make the place feel airy and large.

Furthermore, all catamarans offer luxury. From spacious beds to comfortable seating areas, as well as plenty of space on deck where you can sunbathe or party. But that’s not all, because catamarans have a few other advantages. Their shallow draft allows you to access shallow water bays, moorings close to beaches, as well as many places monohull boats can’t reach. A catamaran is also quicker because of its aerodynamic design. And you know what that means. More places you can reach and more time you get to explore them. All while feeling like royalty.

What Catamarans Are Available To Charter?

Tubber has a large number of boats available for charter in Croatia. No surprise there, having in mind that this is one of the best sailing locations in the world. Furthermore, Croatia has boats available in marinas all over the country. It all depends on where you want to sail, what itinerary you wish to follow, when, with how many people and with what boat.

To make it easy for you we have a few suggestions, but keep in mind that this list changes depending on the chosen dates and other factors, so if you want an offer tailored specifically for you or just some help in deciding, remember to contact the Tubber Charter Experts. They are always here to assist you!

You can also see all the Catamarans we have available HERE.

Where Can I Sail?

You are the one who decides! In Croatia, there is plenty of options. Ask yourself what do you want to see, what kind of places you want to explore and for how long you want to be on this adventure? With a number of itineraries, you can find what makes you tick. No matter if its big beautiful cities like Dubrovnik or hopping from island to island, escaping the crowds. Croatia has it all, and we have captured some of it for you in the 4 Dream Itineraries below.

We hope we managed to give you some inspiration for your next sailing holiday. Feel free to share your favorite sailing itinerary with us in the comments below or on our Facebook Page! You can also check out numerous other sailing destinations on our website.