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The Ultimate St. Lucia One Week Sailing Itinerary

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Caribbean sailing itinerary, look no further than St. Lucia! This one-week itinerary will take you to some of the best spots on the island, from the stunning Anse Chastanet beach to the iconic Pitons mountains. So pack your sunscreen and prepare to explore one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

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Cuba: The Pearl of the Antilles

Cuba is a place of unexplainable magic. A country overflowing with history, tradition, and culture. A beautiful land blessed with blooming nature, and a great location for a sailing holiday. It’s a precious jewel, a pearl hidden away in the Antilles. It’s a place which’s beauty is frequently misunderstood, hard to grasp, layered.

Exploring Cuba is a new type of adventure. Behind its poor man’s coat lingers golden dust and common assumptions lay abandoned as the unexpected, the unique and exciting takes over. This is a journey for those that look for exhilarating experiences and authentic encounters.