Greece Holiday Destinations

Top 3 Greek Islands for Sailing Holidays

When it comes to planning a sailing holiday through the Greek islands, the decision of which ones can be quite daunting. Although there are dozens of stunning islands to choose from, you simply cannot go wrong when spending some time on the following three Greek islands! All perfect for your upcoming sailing holiday!

1. Corfu

A view of Corfu from above

If you are in search of a truly diversified destination, Corfu may just be the place for you and your sailing buddies. With the perfect blend of rich Byzantine Greek mythology, charming old towns, and unspoiled landscapes, there is something for everyone on this beautiful island. Whether you feel like exploring historical sites, digging your toes into the warm sandy beaches, or enjoying the vibrant nightlife that Corfu has to offer, you’ll certainly find your time here was very well spent. With a prevalent sailing community that makes their way to Corfu throughout the year, you’re sure to meet plenty of people all with the hopes of making their Greek sailing holiday truly unforgettable.

2. Santorini

Santorini on a hill

There’s a big chance that if you’ve seen any pictures of Greece, most – if not all of them – were taken in Santorini. Whitewashed walls with bright blue rooftops hugging the cliff that leads down to turquoise waters and magnificent views of the sea all help to make Santorini one of the most desirable islands throughout Greece. Make your way up the hundreds of zigzag steps by way of a mule, pay a visit to the many inviting cafes, admire the unique architecture, and simply soak up the magic that seems to be surrounding Santorini’s every square meter. You’ll find that this Greek island has a lot to offer its visitors throughout all months of the year.

3. Mykonos


Last but certainly not least, the Greek island of Mykonos is famed for being a grand cosmopolitan destination and one that many have come to fall in love with. Nothing short of exquisitely picturesque, with your first sighting of this island you will surely begin to understand why it is considered one of the top ones to visit. Intertwining tiny streets connected by small boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and bars all adhering to the strict Mykonos building regulations make the architecture all the more alluring. From stunning beaches lining blue waters to a strong cultural heritage and a lively atmosphere, we’re quite certain you may never want to leave this island paradise.