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9 Perfect Family Boating Activities

Boating with your family could be the highlight of your summer. Being out on the water, enjoying nature, and basking in the privacy of a boat deck could help you bond and create memories. It’s an activity that every family should experience once, and even if you don’t own a boat, you can still rent one from a nearby marina to participate in the fun. There are multiple kinds of boats that you can choose from and plenty of boating activities that will keep you and the whole family occupied. Read on to find what are the best family boating activities you can enjoy this summer!


A woman chilling on a boat and the camera is focused on some ropes

Family life can be hectic but a day spent out on the boat can be just what you need to relax. Between the calming movement of the water, the time spent in nature, and the ability to get away from hustle and bustle, you are bound to find some relaxation. Make sure to fill up the cooler with drinks and food so that you can lounge around on your day out boating.


What better way to spend a day on a boat than fishing? Take the opportunity to teach the little ones how to fish and watch with excitement as they catch their first big one. Also, you can use it as an excuse to get the grandparents on the boat too and make it a day of fishing for grandpa, son, and grandson!


A girl swimming in an ocean

Kids will love to use the boat as a jumping pad to plunge into the water. On a hot day, take the boat out and cool off by taking dips as often as you would like. If you happen to find a sandbar, dock up to it and use it as a base for swimming safely.


This one is probably the favorite of my family and myself. Purchase a towable tube and attach it to the back of your boat. You will love to watch the kids squeal as they hold on for dear life while gliding through the water.

Water Ski

It takes a bit of skill but it will be fun to learn and help your family learn too. Even when you aren’t in the water trying it yourself, it will be entertaining to watch the most experienced skiers out on the water.

Knee Boarding

Easier than water skiing, kneeboarding is a great way to get active with the kids. The whole family can enjoy racing across the water and tumbling into the waves as they come in.

Fire Works

Watching fireworks over the water is one of the most rewarding activities to do while boating. If you happen to be out on the Fourth of July, this is the best time to catch some fireworks.

Wake Boarding

Wake boarding

If you don’t want to water ski or kneeboard, wakeboarding is a great alternative. In fact, it’s one of the most well-liked boating activities out of all of the sports for the younger kids.

Slalom Skiing

Perfect for the more advanced water skiers, this kind of skiing requires only one ski. If your family and friends don’t feel like they can handle it, they can watch you as you cruise across the water.


Summer is here, so make sure to either rent a boat or take yours out onto the water to enjoy the time with your family.