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A sailing holiday in beautiful Italy

Italy is a beautiful country, and a sailing holiday in the coastal regions is therefore highly recommended. The landscapes vary from mild bays to cliffs. If you think of Italy, you'll think of pasta and pizza!


View of bay in Sardinia

The east coast and north-east coast of Sardinia is rocky. On the south coast, you will find an entirely different environment with miles of sandy beaches and bays with shells and pebbly beaches. Sardinia lets the sailor discover the old folklore. Most of the inhabitants (total: one and a half million inhabitants) on the island remain very loyal to their own culture. Because of this, you can not only sail fantastically but also get acquainted with the many folkloristic parties in the harbors. On the south coast, there are enough bays that offer the opportunity to spend the night at anchor. As a result, you can also escape the party all the time if you wish.


The largest island in the Mediterranean: Sicily. The island of Malta lies south of Sicily. Sicily has a rich history, and that is why it’s an excellent destination for a sailing holiday in Italy. A lot of cultures left their mark on the island. That is wh,y on the island, you can find Roman, Greek, and Arabic architecture. The landscapes of Sicily are exceptionally hilly and dry. There are also many lemon and orange nurseries. The coastline has mainly sandy beaches and high cliffs. Furthermore, the island is also known for the active volcano Etna and the origin of the mafia.


Harbor on island of Elba

Sailing in Elba is fantastic because the Mediterranean Sea is here to show its best sides. You can navigate in short day trips around Corsica and Elba. Because of the weather and the short distances to the other islands on the Italian coast, the Elba and Corsica region is a fantastic sailing destination. With the ferry, you arrive quickly on Elba.

Sailing in a beautiful environment

The island is more significant than Elba. You will encounter a very varied climate if you navigate around Corsica. It is less than 12 miles sailing from the north-east point of Elba to the mainland. You can sail from there along the entire Italian coast. To navigate from Corsica to the shore of Italy, you first sail along the island of Elba. It is a nice trip with many ports within reach.


Venice is a unique city, and some people say it is the most beautiful city on earth. The four hundred bridges, one hundred fifty channels, one hundred eighteen islands, and thousands of alleys, streets, and squares, make it a maze for many tourists. Venice has many attractions. From the magnificent San Marco Basilica, the famous Rialto Bridge to the beautiful paintings by Titian in the Santa Maria Della Salute. There is plenty to see in Venice when deciding to do a sailing holiday in Italy! The pedestrian city of Venice is famous for its Venetian Gondolas.

Weather and season

Because Italy is an elongated country, the weather in the south deviates (favorably) from the north. As a result, there is no standard weather forecast for the entire state.


In the summer, towards the end of the morning, there is a steady wind of 8 to 15 knots from the west or northwest. Around six o’clock at the end of the afternoon, the wind decreases again. If the weather conditions are slightly less favorable, the wind blows from the southeast and then to the northwest via the southwest. The wind indeed exceeds 30 knots.


In the south of Italy, it stays hot longer than in the north. The most sailed in Italy between April and the end of October. Before and after that time, there is no guarantee for beautiful sailing weather. The mistral that can rise in the Mediterranean in all northern countries can get some of the sailing romanticism in the north of Italy. The further south you sail, the less influence you will experience.

Culinary wine flotilla sailing holiday

Italy is famous for its food. Italy has it all: Italian ice cream, pizza, the tastiest pasta, and tiramisu. To fully discover the culinary side of Italy, a culinary wine flotilla is available.


The culinary sailing trip starts in Procida, and from there, it sets sail towards the Pontine Islands. You go on a discovery tour looking for the tastiest local dishes of the Amalfi Coast. A chef is present on board, who loves to show you how to prepare a traditional Italian meal. Of course, everyone will enjoy the chef’s dishes. Sailing, eating, and drinking, with the beautiful Italian Amalfi coast as a view.


Two culinary wine flotillas are available in Italy. Besides the Procida wine flotilla, there is also a culinary wine flotilla that starts from Portorosa. The Portorosa flotilla is heading for the Sicilian coast and the Aeolian Islands.

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