Holiday Destinations

The Best Destinations for the Experienced Sailor

For the experienced sailor who likes more challenge and adventure, these sailing destinations are very suitable. These destinations have stronger winds, different weather conditions, large tidal differences, and fun crossing over deep water. As an experienced sailor, you embark on a real adventure at these destinations! Rent a boat and experience! There is a suitable holiday for every type of sailor. Explore the beautiful nature and vast landscapes near Canada. Discover the scattered islands of Seychelles or sail from Athens on the Meltemi through the Cyclades. There is plenty to choose from! Will it be Sint Maarten, Seychelles, Vancouver, Athens, or Phuket? The adventure starts with you!


Sailing yacht at the coast of Phuket

The Pearl of the Andaman Sea, so Phuket is also called. The colorful marine parks, pristine sand inlets, and rock islands make Phuket a real sailing paradise. Moreover, it is a challenging destination for experienced sailors!

Go on a sailing adventure on the Andaman Sea where over 130 islands are waiting to be discovered by you. Moreover, you can go anchor at deserted beaches and moor in authentic fishing villages. In these villages, all traditions are kept alive and you will be able to observe.

For diving enthusiasts, the west coast of Phuket is a great destination. Here you will find the best places for diving, snorkeling, and fishing. In addition, for a lively nightlife, you can sail to the famous Phi Phi Islands. Here you will see cliffs rising from the sea and a beautiful nature waiting for you with a very vast tropical jungle. On the coast, you can discover Maya Bay, where the makers of the movie ‘The Beach’ shot most scenes. At the nearby Ko Lanta, you will find villages and dishes that are considered the best in South East Asia. A sailing holiday in Phuket is diverse. Get acquainted with idyllic islands in an exotic environment.

St Martin

Explore quirky Sint Maarten. The French and Dutch sides make the island very diverse. Sailing at Sint Maarten offers many possibilities. You can go for island hopping to sheltered bays. Moreover, you can also make adventurous trips across open water to remote islands.

You can organize your holiday on Sint Maarten as varied as you wish. You can go shopping in the designer boutiques or discover the vibrant nightlife. In addition, you can even take a gamble in casinos or enjoy an excellent luxury dinner. You can relax on sun-drenched beaches or further souls towards Anguilla.

Go diving between the shipwrecks and tropical fish. Sail to the enchanting Anse de Colombier for swimming or snorkeling in the horseshoe-shaped bay. In addition, the islands surrounding Saint Martin offer remote and sheltered anchorages. St Martin is a beautiful sailing destination in the Caribbean. It is the European twist that makes it a unique island.


Catamaran in bay at Seychelles

The islands on Seychelles are remote and sparsely populated. On the barely explored islands, you almost feel like shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. Fanatical sailors will find strong winds, good weather, unusual wild animals, and unique landscapes.

In Mahé, you will find many densely forested forests with rare plants and animals. Some species only occur on Seychelles. Take challenging walks through the mountains of Mahé and discover a breathtaking view.

On the island, rare and beautiful animals can be admired both in the sea and on land. You can swim with giant turtles, sea turtles, enormous coconut crabs, and even whale sharks. There are excellent diving and snorkeling spots on Seychelles. There are many adventures to experience here, and there is plenty to admire.


Vancouver makes many sailors’ hearts beat faster. Not only by the changing weather and the warm summer wind, but with the many islands, fjords, inlets, and rivers. On your journey, you will be surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, you can discover island hopping, coastlines and ocean sailing on the Salish Sea. It is one of the best sailing areas in the world.

Your boat holiday starts on Vancouver Island, rich in beautiful nature reserves. On this island, you can hike and enjoy the spectacular views. There are unique animals here, such as wolves, black bears, and cougars. At sea, you can admire sea otters, orcas, and whales.

At Desolation Sound you can admire remote fjords, high mountains, and beautiful nature. If you sail from Vancouver Island to the east, you will meet the spruce American San Juan Islands. Famous is the island for its fresh air, pleasant temperatures, impressive eagles, and itinerant orca.


Mikrolimano marina in Athens

The capital of Greece is one of the oldest cities in the world and for centuries an important transit port for Europe, Asia, and Africa. Athens is also a popular destination among sailors. This destination for experienced sailors enables them to deal with various weather conditions during their sailing adventure. The wind is strong and ensures taut sails during crossing on open water between the Saronic Islands and the Cyclades.

Greece has a rich history and culture. There are more than 2000 elks to discover. Close to Athens is the picturesque Kea with its sandy beaches, fishing villages, and ancient ruins. A sailing holiday in the Greek city is diverse. Whether you come for great food and drinks, the adventure on open water or the lively nightlife, there is plenty to do in Athens!