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Top 4 Šolta Island Restaurants Croatia

While sailing your way through Croatia and amidst all of the exploration and excitement, there is one small but very necessary detour you are going to want to jot down and make a part of your itinerary. In this blog, you will discover the top 4 Solta Island Restaurants in Croatia!

Sesula Bay, located nearly half a mile south of Solta’s Maslinica is typically a spot where sailing travelers dock up when they haven’t had much luck finding a berth in Maslinica. However, the ones who don’t use a boat, have the option of walking from Maslinica to Sesula with a grand opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the chance to expose themselves to a gastronomic pathway. As the perfect starting point during your time on Solta Island, here is where your first stop should be and beyond…

1. Sismis Restaurant

What was once a night bar established years ago, has now blossomed into a beautiful restaurant with an array of delicious foods and drinks. With friendly staff and owners to welcome you in, you’ll find the lovely outdoor terrace overlooking the sea to be the only one of the many alluring aspects of Sismis. Plus, if you decide you would like to stay the night after all, they will kindly assist you in mooring your boat just in front of the restaurant. Sip on a few glasses of Croatian wine and delight in the traditional Croatian dishes, as you watch the sun slowly dip below the horizon and ask yourself why you never thought of paying them a visit earlier.

2. Sakajet Food & Wine

Voted as the #1 restaurant on all of Solta Island according to TripAdvisor, they must be doing more than a couple of things right. Sakajet Food & Wine offers its guests impeccable service from start to finish, a certain charm and ambiance unlike any other, and the best seafood dishes available. How could you go possibly go wrong? You’ll get to enjoy a fantastic location next to the harbor and marina, a cozy atmosphere, and undoubtedly leave with a full and satisfied stomach.

3. Restaurant Fortunato

Found within the Maslinica area is the classy Mediterranean-themed Restaurant Fortunato. With the perfect combination of highly attentive staff, the food so rightfully cooked it will make your taste buds scream, and a stunning setting right by the water, it will only make for a memorable night out on the town. Let the complex flavors and the delightful smells enhance your experience here as you allow the allure of this place to take over.

4. Pasarela Restaurant

None of the above choices got you close enough to the water? Well, head to Pasarela Restaurant and feel the ocean breeze as you find your table underneath the shade of a palm roof. Another restaurant that takes friendly service to the highest level of standards and takes the idea of good food extremely seriously. Whether you are with your sweetheart or with a handful of kids, it is a perfect fit.

Although Solta Island may be smaller in size, it certainly does not lack in numbers of great eateries, guaranteed to please all gastronomic senses.