Update about Corona and Sailing Holidays

Over a year in, and slowly we are working towards getting back to ‘normal’ life. Many questions appeared during the corona crisis about our health, well-being, and about our holiday plans. Fortunately, the virus is being handled very well, a large number of people have been vaccinated already! This means that you can seriously plan your future sailing holiday. Moreover, we from Tubber are here to tell you something positive about the upcoming season! Renting a boat and planning your future sailing holiday is the way to go!

Everyone can rent a boat during the Coronavirus.

Yes! We’ve got great news to share with you! We know that probably many doubts have occurred about your sailing holiday this year. We want to let you know that sailing during the coronavirus is possible! Moreover, in July 2021 most of the western countries will have vaccinated their citizens, and destinations like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean countries will be fully open for tourists!

Everyone can rent a boat during the coronavirus. Maintaining distance in the marinas and on the sea is not a difficult task, and following the local regulations is very doable.  Making sailing during coronavirus very manageable.

At this current moment there are still restrictions in most of the countries like the UK and USA on how many people can gather; can be on a boat together. Maintaining distance on a yacht is difficult, so it seems that this is a no-go. Good news! When f.e. traveling to Croatia or Greece you need to show a negative PCR test result or have been vaccinated. This means that mixed groups are more than welcome and can go sailing during coronavirus.

Points to consider when renting a boat

As mentioned earlier, the local boatowners will take the necessary measures to follow the corona guidelines. It may differ slightly for each landlord, but the setup will be the same and consists of:

  • Rental is only by reservation in advance;
  • You cannot pay in cash. It is better to pay in advance as much as possible online;
  • Only one person of the group is allowed to do the check-in and further local handling with the employee. Some landlords have a “self-check-in” policy.
  • No more than three people per boat (this does not apply to the family, partners and cohabitants)

The receptions and offices will be equipped with mudguards, and the boats will also be cleaned extra often. That is important for the rudder, throttle, plumbing, and the kitchen.

FAQ about boat rental and Corona

Can I rent a boat during the coronavirus?

  • Yes! The yachts are ready, and the local boatowners will prepare everything to comply with the local regulations.

Where is the best place to rent a boat?

  • Tubber has availability around the world, but given the corona crisis, looking closer to home is wiser. Countries as Croatia(opened 02/04/2021) and Greece(open from 15/05/2021) allow entrance with a negative PCR test or vaccination. Welcome mixed groups!

Which boats are available?

  • From small sloops, motorboats, motor yachts to large (sailing) yachts, we have it all! 

What should I pay attention to / prepare myself for when I want to rent a boat?

  • If you do choose to rent abroad, please check the local regulations regarding the coronavirus at the destination in question. Furthermore, try to avoid public transport and famous sightseeing spots. Go by car and find it closer to home.

What should I bring when sailing?

  • Bring enough hand soap and/or alcohol-based hand cleaner. Stock up on supplies to avoid regular grocery/store visits and prepare for self-cooking 😉

With how many people can I rent a boat with during the Coronavirus?

  • At this moment there are still regulations regarding how many people you can meet/gather. However, as previously stated, countries as Croatia(opened 02/04/2021) and Greece(open from 15/05/2021) allow entrance with a negative PCR test or vaccination. Welcome mixed groups!

Policy for marinas, bridges and locks

With regards to the policy of the marinas, bridges, and locks, the following information applies for sailing during coronavirus. The sanitary facilities are closed in the marinas, so you have to rely on your toilet and kitchen on board. Contact the relevant port you want to call in advance, so you can check whether it is open and how they comply with the local safety measures. You can moor in a free box or along the jetty. You may not lie double along a jetty. Stay on board as much as possible. Furthermore, the bridges and locks are running at the scheduled times.

NOTE: From the 1st of May, the majority of the sanitary facilities will be fully open again and since the 1st of April the bridges and locks are open according to the regular schedule.

Availability at Tubber

At the moment, our number of available yachts in the Netherlands, Greece, and France is still growing rapidly, and there will also be enough available in the Baltic Sea. In both the Netherlands and the Baltic Sea, the ports will be easy to reach, and you can observe the desired distance of one and a half meters. Hiring a boat during the corona crisis is therefore very possible.

Corona holiday status by country (updated 21st of April 2021)

Sailing during the coronavirus looks rosy in the Netherlands. Since the 1st of June, the catering industry will open again, and Since the 1st of July, everything will start again concerning domestic holidays!

Travelling from the UK

Travelling from the UK is possible and safe. At Heathrow airport, large-scale temperature check is done throughout all passengers as well as staff members. The airports of Manchester, Stansted and East Midlands are also imposing gloves and masks for all people there.

Moreover, airlines like EasyJet, the Emirates and the US airline Delta are all taking safety measures during flights for the secure social distance between people. Air France is doing a compulsory temperature-check of every passenger before flying. Many airlines will restart gradually their flights at the beginning of summer, following the safety regulations.

From the written above, it is now certain that traveling is possible at the moment and it will even get better. We are happy to say that our boats are available in different countries and destinations. We also want to assure you that local landlords are strict with government regulations. This way, a sailing holiday is possible and is a safe and exciting way to exercise social distancing.

Travelling from the USA

When it comes to flying from the United States of America, the regulations are very strict and possibilities – limited. Currently, many US carriers are establishing rules for wearing face masks at gates and onboard. At the airports, there is enough space provided with restricting lines that will help people keep the needed 6 feet social distance. Measures like self-scanning of flying documents, as well as limiting the number of people going down a jet bridge, are taken in a serious manner. There are also no lines full of people, which also is part of the safety measures.

Flying from the United States of America is possible and safe enough for all passengers and staff members. Even though the available flights are still limited, more flights will be reopened the following months.

Corona status the Caribbean

The government has started to reopen many economic activities around the Caribbean islands. There are still travel restrictions and closed shores for the public. However, the government is trying to ease the measures and gradually get back to regular daily life. At the moment, it is recommended not to travel to the Caribbean as there is also mass COVID-19 testing among the population.

Bahamas and British Virgin Islands

At the moment, all citizens are restricted to stay home. Public beaches, seaports and airports are closed. No tourists are allowed to enter the country as the incoming flights are banned during the pandemic.

Corona status Croatia

Croatia is open for sailing and yacht charter guests. 🙂 ( update 7 april 2021)

Update Croatia

Travellers must present confirmation of booked accommodation as well as one of the following:

– Negative PCR test not older than 48 hours at the time of arrival at the Croatian border.

– Negative rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2, listed on the Common List of Rapid Antigen Tests recognized by the Member States of the European Union, published by the European Union commission. The test must not be older than 48 hours at the time of arrival at the Croatian border. If a traveler is presenting a negative antigen test and is planning to remain in Croatia for longer than 10 days, during their stay they must do another test which should be done within the 10 days of receiving the results of their first test.

– Vaccination certificate, for persons who received their second vaccine dose more than 14 days prior to travel.

Children under the age of seven travelling with their guardian are exempt from needing a negative test, providing their guardian has a negative PCR or rapid antigen test, or confirmation of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19.

Travelers are encouraged to fill in the Enter Croatia online form before travelling, to announce their stay.

Corona status Greece

Greece has done its homework. There are few infections, and as of the 4th of May, there is a planned campaign to relax the measures further. As it seems, most hotels, etc. will open again in mid-June and (subject to the positive progress) everything will be rereleased after the 1st of July.

Update 9 of March 2021:

Holidaymakers vaccinated against the corona virus are welcome in Greece this summer. The Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis announced this on Tuesday. Theoharis says he has drawn up a protocol with which tourism in the country can be resumed. “If everything goes according to plan,” this protocol will take effect in mid-May.

In addition to vaccinated travellers, tourists who have recently had the virus will also be able to enjoy a holiday. At the moment, the Greek borders are only open to travellers who can show a recently administered negative corona test. This is also sufficient to enter the country in the summer.

Corona status France

It is still very uncertain in France. At the moment there is a lockdown for residents until the 11th of May. Relaxations will follow, but it will be challenging for foreign traffic to plan a holiday in France early in the summer season.

Update 4 September:

The lockdown is almost completely lifted! Travel from certain countries in the EU is permitted, whereas travel from outside of the EU to France is not possible.

Update 26 October:

From 17 October 2020 local curfews have been implemented in 54 departments, including the Paris area, and in French Polynesia, for at least 4 weeks from 9 PM to 6 AM. 

There are no health-related restrictions for travel to Metropolitan France from EU Member States, or from Andorra, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Rwanda, San Marino, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, Uruguay and the Vatican. Travel to France from outside these countries remains restricted.

Corona status Germany

For Germany, a travel warning still applies to all unnecessary and tourist trips until the 14th of June. However, when more relaxation comes in, this is worth considering. Germany is a fantastic destination, and we have a wide availability in yachts. Keep an eye on our newsletter and this blog!

Normally we always have a nice May holiday flotilla in Greece and Croatia. Do you want to know how it went now? Two of our flotilla leaders take you from day to day. If you want to stay informed, we recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel.

The information for flights update and travelling regulations is drawn from the BBC article “Coronavirus: What are the new travel quarantine rules?”, the NPR article: “The people flying during the pandemic and how airlines are trying to protect them”, and the CNN article: “As the coronavirus pandemic continues, which airlines are flying where and why? “. Information for the travel restrictions in the Caribbean is drawn from the Miamiherald article.