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How to: Boating Language for Beginners! [Infographic]

Hey landlubber! Are you going boating for the first time ever this summer? Additionally, do you want to impress your friends who have years of expertise in boating? Well, learn some of these words of tricky boating language and no one will know it is your first time enjoying the sea! So, check out this boating language infographic straightaway!

[Infographic] Sun Protection Tips For Boating

Summer days are just around the corner! Do you sometimes feel like sunscreen is not enough protection when you go boating? We have collected some useful sun protection tips for you to take into consideration when going boating next time. Moreover, did you know that sunscreen expires in 2-3 years? Check out this sun protection infographic for sailing! Tubber has…

[Infographic] New Zealand: Unique sailing destination for you!

Have you always wondered how it would be to sail in the Lord of the Rings environment? Then New Zealand is definitely the next sailing destination for you. In addition, did you know that you can find Hector’s Dolphins only in New Zealand. Have a look at this New Zealand Infographic to find out more! There are almost 76 islands to explore in New Zealand and…

How to: Seven Essential Knots For Boating [Infographic]

It’s time to learn those tricky, but oh so important knots for your next boating trip. Do you have any idea what is a figure eight and how to do it? If you went to scouting as a kid, you probably familiarize yourself with some of these basic knots, but anyone else should take a closer look just in case….

Top 5 Boating Events in Europe! [Infographic]

Are you looking for some fun in Europe? We have collected the top 5 boating events for you to visit. We got everything, from clothes covered in tomatoes to luxurious dresses decorated with diamonds. To find out more about the different events, click the links below! King’s Day in Amsterdam Hamburg Port Birthday Cannes Film Festival Ultra Boat Party in Split…

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