This suggested sailing itinerary in Dalmatia is ideal for novice sailors and challenging enough for the experienced ones. Let’s explore Dalmatia and Croatia together!

Sailing in Croatia

Croatia is known as one of the most popular boat holiday destinations in Europe. She is in the proud possession of 1187 islands and a 5385 km coastline! Therefore, there are enough places to be discovered and the possible boating itineraries are endless. Furthermore, the climate of Croatia lends itself perfectly for sailing. With an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius from June till September and during the day a dominant northwest wind (mistral) of 2-4 Bft, comfortable sailing is guaranteed.

On the other hand, be aware! Occasionally the infamous Bora and Jugo winds can occur. The Bora comes from the northeast and can be quite violent. The Jugo comes from the south and is more consistent, however, because of these two winds it is very important to always be up-to-date with the weather forecasts in Croatia. On the end of this sailing itinerary, you can find the necessary information about the weather forecasts in Croatia.

In addition, this itinerary can be initiated from all the marinas of Split, Marina Kastela or Trogir and has a total length of 115 n.m.. All these harbours can best be reached when you fly on Split. In this description, Marina Kastela will be the starting harbour because of its central location. During the high season it is very convenient to utilize the services of Uber for transfers from the airport to the marina. Haven’t booked a yacht for this summer yet? Tubber’s offer in Croatia is close to endless. Choose your perfect yacht here.

Day 1: Marina Kastela – Bobovišća

Day one has arrived and it is time to prepare for departure from the port of Kaštel Gomilica, Marina Kastela. Within 200 meters of this port you can find a supermarket (Konzum), which is ideal for buying all the supplies. Prepare your purchases well and take enough water with you!

When all preparations have been made it is time to set sail towards Bobovišća. The distance is around 13 n.m. and it is recommended to sail around the peninsula of Park Šuma Marjan and then sail further south. Furthermore, Bobovišća is famous for its beautiful bay that is almost a kilometer long and splits in two at a given time. Anchorages are available and the restaurant are good. Bobovišća is very picturesque and quiet.

Bobovišća Croatia - Sailing route Croatia

Bobovišća Croatia

Day 2: Bobovišća – Bol

This itinerary Croatia will take us to Bol today! Bol is a town located in the middle of the south coast of Brač island, it is about 16 n.m. from Bobovišća. Continue to sail down to the south and between the islands of Šolta and Brač. Pay attention to the remaining shipping movements, it can be busy here. Then bend down to the east in order to sail along the south coast of Brač to Bol.

Bol is known for its Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn), an iconic and beautiful pebble beach, see picture below. Bol is the oldest city of the island and has a beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere. The old town with the cozy little streets lends itself perfectly for a nice walk. In Bol there is a lot of cultural heritage to be discovered from Roman times and the Dominican monastery is really unique. Cafes, discos and restaurants are also abundant and activities such as surfing and mountain biking are very popular. A real ‘must go’!

Zlatni Rat - Sailing route Croatia

Zlatni Rat

Day 3: Bol – Stari Grad

Stari Grad, which literally means Old Town, is at the end of a long beautiful bay in the north of the island of Hvar. It’s a short route for one day, around 11 n.m. away from Bol, so you’ve time enough to sail around a bit more.

Stari Grad honours her name as it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Once again the picturesque streets are lovely to walk through, the old town is on UNESCO World Heritage list(!), and the scenery around Stari Grad is amazingly beautiful. This charming place is renowned for its culinary bliss. We recommend the cozy restaurant Nauta, they cook on a well-known Croatian fashion, namely by means of the Dalmatian Peka. This is a metal sphere under which a dish is placed, often with lamb and potatoes, which is then covered with hot coal. Fancy something else? You can jump out of a perfectly functional aeroplane above Stari Grad!

Bay of Stari Grad - Sailing route Croatia

Bay of Stari Grad

Mausoleum of Šime Ljubić - Sailing route Croatia

Mausoleum of Šime Ljubić

Day 4: Stari Grad – Hvar

Next stop, the town of Hvar. This lively village is located on the south-west of the ‘same-named’ island. It is known for its many activities, sightseeing and especially the nightlife. Therefore, the party is here. When sailing along the south side of the nearby island Paklinski Otoci, the distance is approximately 17 n.m. from Stari Grad. If you go along the north side of Paklinski Otoci, the distance is 14 n.m.. It is often difficult to dock in Hvar itself or to lay anchor because it is often too crowded, therefore, it is convenient to put down anchor in one of the bays of Paklinski Otoci. From here water taxis go to Hvar. Funfact: Blue Ivy (daughter of Beyoncé) is the honorary citizen of this beautiful village! Then it should really be an incredible holiday destination, right? You’ll be the judge.

Hvar - Sailing route Croatia


Day 5: Hvar – Vis

Day five of this sailing itinerary takes you to the island of Vis, this is about 14 .n.m. from Hvar / Paklinski Otoci, and won’t take long because of the open water during the crossing. You can choose to sail to the main town of the island, but very beautiful are the cliffs and caves on the south side. Especially Ravnik and Stiniva are simply wonderful. Stiniva is very iconic and has a alluring hidden beach, perfect for spending the whole day. Do you have the appetite for a wonderful dinner? Konoba Senko Karuza is a restaurant located in the bay on the right of Stiniva and is known for its slow dining. Dining for hours is quite common here, while enjoying homemade wine and food prepared with local produce.

Vis, Vis - Sailing route Croatia

Vis, Vis

Stiniva, Vis - Sailing route Croatia

Stiniva, Vis

Day 6: Vis – Marina Kastela

Lastly, day six has arrived and it is time to head to the starting point of this sailing itinerary, Marina Kastela. Directly, the distance from the south side of the island of Vis is 35 n.m., so leave on time! On average, you spend about six hours covering this distance. This passes along the islands of Šolta and Brač. It is also possible to sail along the eastern side of Šolta Island, then the distance is a good 42 n.m., this may be more for the experienced sailor. Be well updated on the weather forecasts! Put your sunglasses on and let the wind blow through your hair. A beautiful long day of sailing.

Near Split - Sailing route Croatia

Near Split

VHF and Weather Forecasts

For weather reports there is a 24-hour forecast in Croatian and English to be received via the VHF.

Split Radio VHF: 07, 21, 23, 81. Broadcast time: 05.45; 12.45; 19.45

Internet weather reports


Very practical watersports information with seven-day weather forecasts:



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