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The Best Restaurants You Must Try in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have not only the best beaches and touristic places you can visit. These islands also have a strong variety of places to eat. Here you can find the Best Restaurants you must try on the Canary Islands.


Lucas Maes:

The owner, Lucas Maes, is a Belgian chef that has been living long enough in the Canary Islands. He is able to reinterpret typical Canarian dishes. Also, he won an award for the best chef in 2004. His restaurant is one of the most visited on the island. You will be able to enjoy sitting and dining in the beautiful gardens and terrace from the restaurant. Having an unforgettable experience with the delicious food and wine Lucas Maes has especially for you!

Address: Barranco de La Arena, 53 Autopista de Santa Cruz (EXIT 32) La Orotava, Tenerife, +34922 321 159

El Rincón de Juan Carlos:

Another excellent restaurant located in a beautiful marine place that gives you the perfect atmosphere for their gastronomic pillar, the seafood cuisine. The family of the restaurant produces Michelin star quality dishes. The prices are excellent for what they have to offer. This place is just ideal for a food lover. They offer only high-quality products, both local and international. And in case you have some food allergies, you can always let them know, and they will customize the dishes for you!

Address: Pasaje Jacaranda 2 Los Gigantes Tenerife 38683, +34922 868 040

Gran Canaria


A restaurant that mixes traditional Canarian food with influences from all over the world. It is a restaurant that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. The restaurant has three locations around Las Palmas such as La Taberna del Puerto, Allende Triana, and Allende Muelle as well as a food truck. You can even take the food home with their ”new” concept of El Taller de Allende, that prepares fresh food for you to take home! This restaurant will make you live a great experience in Las Palmas. As a result, you will want to come here more than once.

Address: C/ Joaquín Costa nº 14 – Esquina C/ Isla De Cuba nº 42 35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, +34 928 494 626

El Mondalón:

 It offers to its customers a quite traditional food mixed with their own essence. This restaurant does not only offer you an excellent service and exquisite food, but it also provides you with an extraordinary view of the fields of vineyards, spice plants, olive trees, fruits, and vegetables.

Address: Hotel El Mondalón Carretera de Los Hoyos nº226, GC-801 1.800 pk 35017, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, +34 928 3557 58


La Tegala:

This restaurant is so unique in its architecture that it has won a regional architectural price, and also one on its menu for the simple reason that it is one of the best restaurants on the island. It has technological innovations in its kitchen to be able to carry out low-temperature cooking better known as the slow food concept. Many of the casseroles are cooked for over fourteen hours; the result is that the dishes are healthy and delightful.                       Address: Ctra. Tías – Yaiza, 60  Mácher  Lanzarote, +34 928 524 524   


One of the most delicious and fantastic restaurants on the island. Entrepuentes offers people delicious food, drinks, and excellent service. What Entrepuentes offers, as well as the prices is the perfect combination. You’ll be able to enjoy the restaurant’s ambiance with great music and very friendly people. This is the perfect place to hang out with your friends and family. They have an extensive menu that also includes packages for a perfect price. Do not miss their succulent gourmet hamburgers, they are a must-try!

Address: AVDA. OLOF PALME S/N LOCAL B37 C.C. LA MARINA, 35500 Arrecife, +34 928 839 539


Mahoh Restaurant:

It is a rustic restaurant inside a beautiful hotel that serves as their specialty, Canarian food with high quality. They also have other less traditional food, but once you are there, you should try the local specialties. The service is excellent, and the wines are specially selected to go with your food. You will regret not visiting it if you visit Fuerteventura.

Address: Sitio de Juan Bello, Villaverde 35660 La Oliva – Fuerteventura, +34 928 86 80 50

Casa Santa Maria:

Being one of the most beautiful restaurants on the island, Casa Santa Maria, it is a great place to visit if you want to have an excellent dinner. You will be able to try local wines that are highly recommended as well as the braised kid that it has been said, attracts people all over Europe.

Address: Plaza Santa Maria 1 35637 Betancuria – Fuerteventura, +34 928 8780 34                            

La Palma

Chipi Chipi:

If you want to try home food, Chipi Chipi is the place for you. You can get delicious starters, soups, and main dishes. The main dishes consist mostly of meat, and if you want to try all the different types of meat they offer, you can ask for a platter with small portions of them. You will have a one-time experience at Chipi Chipi that you cannot miss.

Address: Calle Juan Mayor, 42, 38700 Santa Cruz de la Palma, +34 922 41 10 24

Casa Goyo:

This is one of the most famous restaurants in La Palma, for the simple reason that they offer one of the best culinary experience you can get on the island. In 2006 Casa Goyo won an award for being one of the most prestigious restaurants from all the seven Canary Islands. You can get fresh fish, other delicious seafood, and finish with an exquisite dessert.

Address: Camino El Lomito Lodero, 120 38739 Villa de Mazo (la Palma), +34 922 440 603  

La Gomera

Restaurant Mirador César Manrique:

Better known as the restaurant with “the view.” This Mirador is the best place for enjoying a tasty dinner while enjoying the most extraordinary view you can get on the island. You will fall in love with this location.

Address: Ctra. General Valle Gran Rey – Arure 38870 Valle Gran Rey, +34 9228 07045

Conchita House Restaurant:

Visiting and dining at Conchita House is a must, the food and the service are exceptional. You can even learn to have a “silbo” (whistle), a popular culture expression, especially relevant of La Gomera, a demonstration from the owner if you are lucky enough. Their dishes are unique and delightful.

Address: Ctra. General ARURE, 18 38870 Valle Gran Rey, +34 9228 04110

El Hierro

La Higuera de la Abuela:

Craving for fresh fish and other traditional food from the Canary Islands? This restaurant is what you are looking for. Furthermore, the quality of the food is magnificent as well as the service and the decoration of the place. It is a highly recommended place if you want to have a great dinner.

Address: Calle Tajaniscaba, 10, 38900 Echedo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife,+34922 551026  

Mirador de la Peña:

This site was designed by César Manrique, and it is a grand place to dine because you get the most breathtaking view of the island. Also, the food, the architecture, and the service are marvelous, and they are one of a kind. Many people come back here whenever they go to El Hierro.

Address: 38916 Guarazoca, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, +34 922 5503 00