Many of us think that sailing is only for men with lots of money. Girls for Sail entered the sailing industry to teach women to become good sailing partners. I contacted Karen from Girls for Sail to learn more about their concept, sail training and reasons why women should try sailing. Here is what I found out:

What do you do at Girls for Sail?

We help women to be more confident about their sailing skills, provide them with different techniques and experience. Most of the time women come to Girls for Sail to get sail training to support their husbands on the boat. When women are on board with men they lack confidence and are afraid to take responsibilities. Therefore Girls for Sail provides this platform to help to gain confidence and become a strong member of a mixed crew.

What are the sailing benefits?

It is a great way to stay fit, train all your muscles and tone your body. Racing is a magical activity if you want to train all your muscles. There is no need to go to the gym. You can work out with a group of girls in the fresh air and make great memories. Also, sailing helps to discover how powerful and confident you can be. It does not matter how old you are, it is for all age groups.
Some clients of ours have changed their profession, lifestyle and turned their hobby into work. Now they work together with Girls for Sail and organize sailing trips.

Girls for Sail Tubbber

Girls for Sail

What is the main difference between male and female sailing?

The main strength of girls on board is an ability to work well in a team, solve problems as a team and know correct techniques. They need to look for creative solutions to make a maneuver since they are often not as physically strong as men. If people do not know proper techniques, they still can achieve desirable results with their strength.

Do you have any rules at Girls for Sail?

Our main rules are: never shout at each other, do everything as a team and ask questions. There are no stupid questions during Girls for Sail training sessions. We usually give an individual feedback after each day of sailing.

Girls for Sail Tubbber

Girls for Sail

How does the training course look like?

Our clients can choose from two locations: the Caribbean or Cowes, Isle of Wight. We wanted to have the option to sail all year long. The Caribbean is a beautiful place to learn how to navigate and participate in different sailing events, regattas and sail with international teams.
The starter course consists of 5 people and one skipper. During the day you will learn and later on apply all the basics. We usually give an individual feedback after each day of sailing. This helps in raising awareness of all the things you do right or wrong.