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Packing List for Your Sailing Holiday

Are you ready for your sailing vacation and unsure of what exactly to pack? Don't worry, we're here to help with the perfect holiday packing list - and we promise it won't be as long as an endless knot in a ship's rope.

At Tubber, we know that space is limited on a sailboat for unnecessary luggage. So, before you start packing your entire wardrobe and extensive collection of unread books, let’s pause for a moment and consider what you need. Hint: It’s probably not your collection of houseplants (even though they’ll miss you).

Just the Essentials

Our holiday list for sailing vacations is specially curated with a touch of humor and a generous dose of common sense. We’ve included only the essential items to keep you comfortable and well-prepared during your water adventure. Think sunscreen to protect you from the sun (nobody wants to look like a boiled lobster), snacks to satisfy that empty stomach, and your favorite sailor’s cap to give you the right sailing vibes.

So leave those unnecessary items at home and check out our humorous holiday packing list for sailing vacations here. You’ll be amazed at how little you need to enjoy a fantastic time on the water. And who knows, you might even have space left for a few souvenirs (or an extra pair of sailing gloves – you never know when they’ll come in handy).

Packing list

Sailing Holiday Packing List

What we always bring during our sailing holiday:

  • Passport
  • Insurance cards
  • Boat licence ICC / RYA / CWO diploma
  • Medications
  • Sailing gloves, handy for those shells on the mooring line, saves you from using plasters.
  • Your phone charger, there are also handy solar-powered chargers
  • Want to listen to music? Pre-download your favourite songs on Spotify.
  • Beach towel(s)
  • Swim boots and bikini
  • Hammock Lighter and/or matches, from experience, we know that everyone often forgets this. You often cook with gas on a boat.
  • Games
  • Pills against seasickness
  • If you have a Sir Patrick Stewart hairstyle, bring a hat!
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunglass straps.
  • No suitcases, use weekend bags or backpacks. You often can’t store suitcases anywhere on a boat, but you might be able to make a raft out of one…
  • Ziplock bags are handy for keeping your belongings dry, especially in a dinghy that can sometimes be full of water.
  • Good mood
  • Yourself, spouse, secret lover(s), children, and/or friends.
  • Coffee filters and a funnel for those who want to enjoy coffee without grounds…
  • Windbreaker
  • Drone, but practice flying it well because landing on a boat can be tricky the first time.
  • You can bring some spices for cooking. And don’t forget to read the tips about cooking on a boat.
  • Download the Navionics App and Navily App in advance.

We regularly update this list, or do you have any tips?


Don’t bring too much during your sailing holiday. Only pack the essentials, and make sure to inform your crew members not to bring bulky suitcases. Alternatively, share this sailing holiday packing list with them to be safe. Have a great time packing for your sailing holiday! 🙂

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