Croatia Sailing Itineraries

Enjoy this beautiful sailing itinerary in Croatia along the coast of Dalmatia

Croatia is a land of stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, and there's no better way to experience its delights than on a sailing trip. The country's long coastline and numerous islands offer a wealth of exploration opportunities, renting a sailing yacht or catamaran in Croatia is the perfect way to see all the best bits. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a beginner, this sailing itinerary in Croatia is right for you. This article will take you to some of the best places to visit, highlight experiences, and answer common questions about sailing in Croatia.

Sailing itinerary in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most popular sailing holiday destinations in Europe. With 1187 islands and a total of 5385 km of coastline, there is still plenty to discover and the possible sailing itineraries are endless. The climate in Croatia is perfect for sailing. There is a world of sailing itineraries in Croatia for beginners and more experienced sailors who want to enjoy a sunny sailing holiday in Croatia.

Weather in Croatia

With an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius from June to September, sailing is comfortably guaranteed with a NW wind (Mistral) average of 2-4 Bft. Beware! Occasionally, the infamous Bora and Jugo may come around the corner. The Bora blows from the northeast and is ruthless. The Jugo blows from the south and is more constant. However, because of these two winds, it is essential to stay informed of Croatia’s weather forecasts. 

Marina Kastela, Trogir or Split

This sailing itinerary in Croatia can best be started by sailing from Split. From here, you visit the ports of Marina Kastela or Trogir and this route has a total length of 115 n.m. This route starts from Marina Kastela due to its central location. All of these ports can best be reached when flying to Split. During the high season, it is convenient to use Uber for transfers from the airport to the port. You didn’t reserve a yacht for this summer yet? Tubber’s offer for sailing in Croatia is and we have many sailing yachts and catamarans on offer in the Split region.

Day 1: Marina Kastela – Bobovišća

Day one has arrived and it’s time to prepare for departure from the Kaštel Gomilica, Marina Kastela port. You can find a supermarket (Konzum) just 200 meters from this port, which is ideal for buying all the provisions. Prepare your purchases well and take enough water! Also, check out some tips for cooking on board.

Bobovišća seen from above

When you are all prepared, it’s time to set sail in a southern direction to, 13 n.m. away. You must sail around the Park Šuma Marjan headland and continue south. Bobovišća is known for its beautiful bay that pulls almost a kilometer inland from the island of Brač and eventually splits in two. There are anchorage places available and the restaurants are fine. Bobovišća is very picturesque and quiet.

Day 2: Bobovišća – Bol

Bol is on the plan of this sailing itinerary in Croatia on day two. Bol is a town located in the middle of the south coast of the island of Brač, 16 n.m. away from Bobovišća. You must continue south and sail between the islands of Šolta and Brač. Pay attention to other navigation, it can be busy here. Then turn starboard to sail along the south coast of Brač to Bol.

Bol is known for its Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn), an iconic and beautiful pebble beach, see photo below. Bol is the oldest tourist center on Brač and has plenty of restaurants, cafés and shops. Therefore, Bol is definitely worth a visit and offers a variety of activities.

Zlatni Rat in Croatia

Day 3: Bol – Stari Grad

Stari Grad, which means Old Town, is located at the end of a long beautiful bay in the north of the island of Hvar. It is not a long route for one day, directly it is 11 nautical miles sailing from Bol, so there is enough time to make a few extra laps.

Stari Grad seen from the public marina

Stari Grad lives up to its name as it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Again, the picturesque streets are lovely to walk through, the old center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List (!), and the landscape around Stari Grad is fantastically beautiful.

Restaurant Nauta

The cozy restaurant Nauta is recommended, here they cook in a well-known Croatian way, namely using the Dalmatian Peka. This is a metal dome under which a dish is placed, often with lamb and potatoes, then covered with hot coals. Desiring something different? You can jump out of a perfectly functioning aeroplane above Stari Grad!

Day 4: Stari Grad – Hvar

Next stop, the town of Hvar. This lively village is located in the southwest of the eponymous island. You can do many activities here and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. When you sail along the south side of the nearby island of Paklinski Otoci, you have to cover a distance of about 17 n.m. before you reach this lively town.

Hvar seen from the fort

If you go along the north side, this is 14 nautical miles. It is often very difficult to dock or anchor in Hvar due to the crowds, so it is convenient to park your boat in one of the bays of Paklinski Otoci. From here, water taxis go to Hvar. 

Day 5: Hvar – Vis

Day five of this sailing route takes you to the island of Vis, which is 14 nautical miles from Hvar/Paklinski Otoci, this usually goes fairly fast due to open water during the crossing. You can choose to sail to the island’s main town, but the cliffs and caves on the south are also gorgeous.

Beautiful hidden beach

Stiniva bay and beach from above

In particular, Ravnik and Stiniva are simply beautiful. Stiniva is very iconic and has a beautiful hidden beach, perfect to spend the whole day. Wanting a delicious bite to eat? Then you should go to Konoba Senko Karuza, a restaurant located in the bay to the right of Stiniva. Hours of dining is quite normal here, accompanied by homemade wine and food prepared with local ingredients.

Day 6: Fish – Marina Kastela

Day six has arrived and it’s time to set sail for the starting point of this sailing itinerary in Croatia, Marina Kastela. Directly, the distance from the south side of the island of Vis is 35 n.m., so leave on time! On average, this will take you about six hours. This route goes between the islands of Šolta and Brač. It is also possible to sail along the east side of the island of Šolta, then the distance is a good 42 nm, which may be more for the experienced sailor. Check the weather forecast again! Sunglasses on and the wind in your hair, a nice long day of sailing!

We hope this itinerary showed you some of the wonderful sights Croatia offers. 

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