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Dream Sailing Itinerary: Sicily

Sicily is the classical crossroad of the Mediterranean. A place where different cultures meet, mix, and create a unique setting every visitor can't help but remember. With its Norman churches, Greek temples, and Baroque architecture, there is plenty of beauty to meet the eye.

Soaring above all man-made architectural masterpieces, however, you will find the vibrant nature of Sicily. Volcanic activity, stunning landscapes, clear blue waters, and classic Mediterranean island feel. This is what welcomes you in Sicily. This place is often associated with the famous movie the Godfather. However, did you know that it’s also an ideal starting destination for that summer sailing holiday we all long for?

Compared to other parts of Italy, this island is just as beautiful, but with Tubber, you can experience a unique type of adventure that is truly captivating. Explore the majestic buildings, breath-taking landscapes, and incredible cuisine all while you sail around the Mediterranean. This will allow you to enjoy everything from the stunning Mt. Etna to the lively markets of Palermo.

To do so, all you need is this Dream One-Week Sailing Itinerary, a yacht, catamaran, or any other boat you fancy and that adventurous spirit of a sailor. Experienced or not, this is the place to be this summer. Now let’s dive in…

Day One – Tonnarella

In the beautiful city of Tonnarella, the Sicilian climate will welcome you with an average temperature of 28 Degrees Celsius, a light breeze, and definitely no rain. This town will serve as the beginning of this exciting adventure, and since there is plenty to explore here and in the nearby harbors such as Portorosa, we advise you to take your time and spend some time here before we depart.

You could go on a hike and explore the stunning Mount Etna. A volcanic mountain, beloved by many hikers and action seeking tourists. However, if climbing is not for you, there is always the option of enjoying the incredible cuisine of Sicily while preparing for the next six days. Many other visitors and we recommend Ristorante La Plaza. A beacon of traditional Italian cuisine, situated in the outskirts of the city and offering some fantastic seafood as well as vegetarian specialties.

Day Two – Tonnarella to Vulcano – 20NM

Now it’s time to really begin this dream holiday. Get on board and sail towards the island of Vulcano. By its name, it becomes obvious you can expect some gorgeous black sand beaches and hot springs. As well as natural, straight off the source therapeutic mud. The perfect place to catch up on that skincare. Trust us, just lying on the beach makes your skin feel smooth as feathers.

Here you can also enjoy snorkeling and swimming. For the more active ones, again we have a hike in mind. However, the hour-long walk will reward you with the most stunning view of the crater encrusted with red and yellow crystals. A unique sight that is out of this world.

Day Three – Vulcano to Filicudi – 23NM

After enjoying that authentic spa experience, we have more prepared for you, so let’s get sailing. This time our next stop will be a remote island that will show you precisely what wild nature and true untouched beauty looks like. Filicudi is an island where time has stop and flowers, olive trees and vines have taken over. If you follow the short pathways distinguished with bright flowers on the sides, you will reach the ancient villages of Filicudi. The most interesting ones are Capo Graziano and Zucco Grande.

Another attraction worth visiting is the rock La Canna, sticking out of the ocean. This is the place where you might have the luck to see the rare Eleonora’s Falcon.

Day Four – Filicudi to Salina – 14NM

The next stop of this dream sailing itinerary around Sicily is Salina. This is the second largest of the Aeolian Islands and one of the most mountainous areas. The perfect place for long walks in nature and hikes. Other fun activities include freshwater springs, charming villages, and beautiful sunsets. We recommend you visit Polara and feast like a god in the L’Oasi Snack-Bar. The perfect restaurant for before or after the beach.

Day Five – Salina to Stromboli – 22NM

Day five will bring us back to Mount Etna’s domain in the island of Stromboli. Famous for its elegant black sanded beaches, volcanic rocks and lava streaming all the way to the water. This is definitely one of a kind place you will remember forever. You can spend the day here, exploring areas you did not see the first time.

Furthermore, take a moment to visit the town of Ginostra. This city guarantees the ultimate gastronomic experience with authentically delicious cannoli and a perfect blend of Neapolitan and Sicilian cuisine. The place to be is Il Puntazzo that will amaze you with a view and exquisite Italian food.

Day Six – Stromboli to Lipari – 25NM

On the second to last day of this dream sailing holiday, you will sail past the smallest Aeolian Island. Panarea is a beautiful place with amazing views so you can take a few hours to enjoy it. However, the star of the day is the island of Lipari.

This island, on the other hand, is the biggest and oldest of the Aeolian Islands and is filled with history. Here the main attractions are the beautiful museums. In the Aeolian Museum, you can see ancient artifacts and learn about the long history of the island. In Lipari, you can also admire the 13th-century cathedral with Normal style architecture. You will be surprised how well preserved this piece of history is.

Day Seven – Lipari to Tonnarella – 22NM

The last day is here, and it’s time to sail back to Tonnarella. This is your chance to see places you may have missed the first time. Such as the Vulcano National Park or the Milazzo Peninsula. You will have to return your yacht by the end of the day but enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and stunning nature while you can.

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