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Unforgettable Sailing Itinerary from Dubrovnik: An Adventure At Sea

Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. But, have you ever considered exploring the stunning Adriatic Sea from the perspective of a sailboat? A sailing itinerary from Dubrovnik offers the perfect opportunity to discover hidden coves, vibrant islands, and breathtaking views while enjoying the warm sunshine and crystal-clear waters. In this article, we'll guide you through the best sailing itinerary from Dubrovnik to help you plan your dream sailing adventure.

Dubrovnik is located on the southern side of the Adriatic coast and offers the perfect starting point for our dream sailing itinerary. It provides access to many other small islands and beautiful coastal towns. This sailing trip from Dubrovnik opens the way to some picturesque national parks, cosy Mediterranean fishing villages, and stunning architecture from different periods.

Sailing Itinerary from Dubrovnik

We previously offered you a fantastic sailing route from Zadar, and we recommend you check this out too. There’s so much to do in Croatia that we can’t stop. This sailing itinerary from Dubrovnik will give you more opportunities to explore beautiful Croatia! Please contact the Tubber team if you have any questions about exploring Croatia.

Day one – from Dubrovnik to Kobas

For this one-week adventure in Dubrovnik, check-in, stock up on food and water, and make sure you have everything you need. Visit the old town market in Dubrovnik to find fresh fish, olives, honey, and classic Mediterranean spices. Try local specialties like Loza and Travarica, two strong homemade brandies unique to Dubrovnik. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the famous city when you return. But for now, set sail for Kobas!

Famous for its delicious cuisine, Kobaš Bay embodies a healthy Mediterranean diet. Enjoy traditional fish dishes combined with fresh vegetables at some of the best restaurants in the area, such as Luka’s Taverna and Gastro Mare Restaurant. Your taste buds will thank us later.

Sailing day two – from Kobas to Sobra

Our next destination is on the east side of the island of Mljet and still represents a quiet fishing village. Sobra is the ideal destination for those who love peaceful relaxation. Small beaches, clear water, pristine nature. This place charms with its authentic atmosphere and more than two-thirds of the island is recognized as a national park. Therefore, you should definitely visit if you like hiking, kayaking, and swimming.

National Park Mljet

Day three – from Sobra to Korcula

After enjoying the wild nature of Sobra, it’s time to move on to another place with a different kind of entertainment. Here you can admire Gothic and Renaissance buildings, such as the cathedral of San Marco.

Day four – from Korcula to Zaklopatica

Next, you can sail to the beautiful island of Lastovo. More specifically, to the north of the island, where the beautiful forested bay of Zaklopatica lies. The crystal-clear water and pristine beaches are a paradise in themselves, and because you already have all the luxury you need on your private yacht, you can freely enjoy the beauty.

Zaklopatica from above

Day Five – From Zaklopatica to Polace

Day 5 of the sailing itinerary from Dubrovnik takes you back to Mljet island to explore the north coast. Polace, as you probably have already realized, means ‘palace’ and the name comes from the Roman ruins that have been found on the island. Polace is the largest and safest bay on the island and is protected by four smaller islands. Another place that is perfect for walking, kayaking and swimming.

Day Six – From Polace to Sipan

The final stop on this 7-day sailing route, before we return to Dubrovnik, is Sipan. This beautiful island is the largest of the Elafiti islands. Therefore, there is much to see. From hiking to the highest point, Velki Vrh (243 meters) to exploring the island’s two villages, Suđurađ and Šipanska Luka.

The Marina of Sipan

Famous for its wine, Sipan is filled with beautiful valleys and rich olive groves. The island blends a relaxed atmosphere and a historical setting perfectly. Moreover, it is known that many wealthy Dubrovnik families have beautiful villas and estates on the island, making the landscape even more interesting for people interested in a bit of architecture.

Day Seven – From Sipan to Dubrovnik

On the final day of this fantastic sailing holiday, you have enough time to swim, sunbathe or visit nearby places you have missed. We highly recommend you take some time to explore the walls around the city of Dubrovnik. By walking these walls, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea while looking out over the red-tiled roofs of the city’s homes.

What do you think? Does this sailing itinerary from Dubrovnik inspire you for your next sailing holiday in Croatia?

The city Dubrovnik from the hills