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Top 10 Youth Holiday Destinations

Are you planning on going on vacation with your friends, but you are still unsure about where to go and what to do? Don't worry! Tubber has put together a list of the 10 best youth holiday destinations. Find out what to do during the day, where to party the best and which trips not to miss!

10. El Arenal, Majorca

Beach in El Arenal, Majorca

So you are looking for the best youth holiday destinations? Then El Arenal is the right place for you. Party, party, and more party, that’s what it’s all about. But what do you do during the day and where should you go? In the evening, walk with your friends along the long boulevard in search of the coolest clubs and bars. Be sure to visit BCM, one of the coolest clubs in Europe, with performances by the best DJs in the world.

You will likely wake up very hung over, which is a good reason to head off to the beach while enjoying a nice hearty breakfast and a delicious cold drink. Go crazy and rent a boat for the day to throw a fantastic party. You can quickly rent a boat with ten people for 200 euros per person, then you can relax with your own yacht in front of the club!

Do you have a driver’s license? Go on a jeep safari with friends and be the driver yourself!

9. Ibiza

Of course we don’t have to ask you if you are familiar with Ibiza, but do you also know all the hotspots? An emerging trend are the cool boat parties. Rent a boat with your friends and throw one of the coolest parties of the century! Of course you can also stay on the mainland and have a great pub crawl.

The next day, there is no time to recover. Grab a bottle of water and head out. Visit, for example, the Ocean Beach Ibiza for an awesome pool party or attend an open-air party at Ushuaia and Ibiza Rocks. If you still have enough budget after a night at Pacha, rent a motor yacht or sailboat for a day with a skipper and blast off to Formentera with your friends.

8. Salou

There is a good chance that you have heard of the club Pacha Ibiza. Here, the best DJs on earth ensure an unforgettable holiday. But of course there is more to experience in Salou! Not only are there many parties, there are also plenty of possible activities during the day. You probably know one of these activities: paintballing. Shoot your friends with paintballs and laugh about the bruises you got afterwards….it’s all worth it!

Get to know new people so that your group of friends only gets bigger and then have a great pub crawl. Or take a taxi together and go to Barcelona for a day, which is less than an hour and a half from Salou.

7. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Just like in Ibiza, it is a trend to rent a party boat, so recommended! Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is known for the extremely cheap coast of living. Shopping is mainly done on the boulevard, with all kinds of different nice shops and stalls. During the day there are plenty of activities on and near the coast. For example, practice one of the many water sports or go karting against your friends for a crate of beer! There is also a very cool slingshot. You know, one of those attractions that shoots you into the air really hard. There are also plenty of water parks to be found if you get tired of the beach. In the evening you can go on a nice pub crawl with all your friends until late at night.

6. Marmaris

View over Marmaris at night

You really want to go to Turkey with your friends, but you don’t know where all the young people are going? Marmaris is the place to be. To be able to go straight from the bed to the beach, isn’t that what everyone wants? You will notice that the staff in the bars and shops are always very friendly and helpful, which is of course a nice extra. Try to organize a pub crawl on the first day, so you know where to go for the rest of your holiday and where to stay away from.

5. Kos

The Greek island of Kos is a real party paradise in the summer. The best place to dive into the nightlife is the “Bar street”, there you will find countless bars and nightclubs. This means that there is a new place to go wild every night. The nice thing about so much choice is that no club plays the same style of music. During the day you can walk along the many shops at your leisure or rent a bicycle and discover the beautiful nature of Kos, because that is definitely worth it!

4. Albufeira

View on a beach in Albufeira, Portgual

You have probably heard stories about Albufeira. This beautiful seaside resort is located in the very south of Portugal. In addition to lazing on the beaches and partying, there is of course much more to do in Albufeira. Rent some quads with friends for a day and discover the beautiful nature of the Algarve region, because it is definitely worth it! Of course, there comes a time when you start exploring the nightlife, so why not have a pub crawl? That way you know exactly where to go!

3. Lloret de Mar

Everyone knows it, Lloret de Mar. If you are looking for beautiful nature and culture I would probably look elsewhere, because this is the ultimate party destination. Take a trip to Barcelona, ​​which is just about an hour’s drive from Lloret. A visit to this metropolis is of course not possible without a visit to Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona….cliché. Try the delicious tapas in Lloret or a delicious smoothie that you can get for just a euro.

2. Blanes

In fact, all youth destinations have a lot in common. They all have more clubs and bars than you can handle in one holiday, they all have nice cafes and you can lie on the beach all day. Also go to the neighboring Lloret de Mar and visit Water World. Hire a taxi and have the day of your life. And speaking of water, why not rent a cool boat together instead of one of those standard hotels?

1. Chersonissos

If you like to party this is the place to be. Wait a while before planning the holiday because we might have the best ideas! For example, on the first night, do a pub crawl with all your friends to find out what the best clubs and bars are. This way you don’t waste your precious time searching, because of course you want to party. During the day (yes it is also light once) you can go to the Water City water park for an adventure. For the real daredevils: go bungee jumping on Starbeach. And for the lazy holidaymakers among us: discover Chrissi Island, where you can enjoy a cold drink on the beach all day long.

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