Croatia Greece Sailing Destinations

Most romantic islands of Greece and Croatia, for your next sailing holiday

Looking for a romantic sailing holiday? Then consider the beautiful islands of Vis and Korcula in Croatia and Spetses and Hydra in Greece. These islands are ideal to visit with a yacht. There are many bays with unprecedented blue water and beautiful villages and towns that are fully equipped for a romantic time together.

The romantic islands of Vis and Korcula

Vis and Korcula are the perfect romantic islands for lovers of picturesque villages, clear waters, and unspoiled beaches. The blue water surrounds these islands and invites you for refreshing dives and snorkeling adventures. The nightlife is lively, and the local restaurants offer delicious dishes.

The island of Vis

On the south side of the island of Vis, you can anchor excellent and protected with a line-to-shore and enjoy the silence and peace. Komiža (on the island’s west side) and the town of Vis (on the east) are very well known in the charter world and are beautiful places to visit. The bay of Vis is the most sheltered, with many mooring buoys. We recommend Pizzeria Karijola for dining, friendly service, perfect thin-crust pizza, delicious wine, and a fantastic view of the bay of Vis.

Sailing yacht on anchor in bay on the south side of island Vis

Beautiful Korcula

Korcula is a relatively large island with several places, with the town of Korcula being the best known. The island is known for its (Pošip) wines, and the beauty of the picturesque town of Korcula is unmatched. The city walls and Venetian architecture are unique and exceptional. Many romantic restaurants and bars are beautifully located between the old buildings. Walk around the old town center and admire a fantastic view of the sea and the almost 1-kilometer-high mountain Sveti Ilija. To taste all the flavors of Croatia and enjoy a romantic evening, we recommend the restaurant Fundamentum.

The romantic islands of Vis or Korcula can best be reached from the Split region. Korcula can also be easily reached from Dubrovnik. Check out a beautiful sailing route in Croatia.

Korcula city seen from the water

Experience the romance of Spetses and Hydra

Spetses and Hydra are the perfect destinations for couples seeking a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Here you will find small bays, remote beaches, and local taverns where you can enjoy the delicious Greek cuisine. These islands are also known for their classic architecture and historical sights.

The island of Spetses

Spetses is one of the many Saronic islands near the Argolic Gulf towards Nafplion. This island is about 50 nautical miles from Athens or Lavrion and is therefore easily accessible if you sail for a week. On the east side of the island is the town of Spetses (see photo) where you can often dock with a line-to-shore. You reach the busier center when you take a walk along the coast towards the west. The next day, you can continue with your sailing yacht or catamaran along the island’s north side towards the west. Then you reach one of the most beautiful bays of the Saronic Gulf, the bay of Zogerias.

Spetses old town from above

The romantic Hydra

Hydra is the most famous island in the Saronic Gulf. The island is fairly large, but the town of Hydra is centrally on the north side and is very cozy. When you arrive by sailing, you will see a unique cityscape.

This will make you feel like you’re in real Greece and take you away for a while. Hydra is a popular destination for sailors, so it’s busy early on. However, once you’ve secured a spot, you can get lost in Hydra’s narrow, picturesque alleys. There are many taverns, bars, and cute shops. They specialize in making jewelry, so it’s the ideal place for a special gift for your loved one. Hydra is less than 35 nautical miles from Athens or Lavrion, so it’s easy to reach. For the best restaurant, go to Téchnē Restaurant & Social. Divine!

The marina of Hydra seen from the west

You can best visit the islands of Spetses and Hydra by yacht from the Athens region. We have a fantastic selection of yachts here. If you are keen to know more about the other islands in Greece? Check our itinerary for the Cyclades!

A sailboat or catamaran offers the perfect way to visit and explore these islands. You can set the pace, anchor in remote bays, or stay closer to the cities to explore cultural landmarks. Make your next holiday an unforgettable experience by choosing a sailing trip along the Croatian and Greek islands. Explore the breathtaking coasts, discover cultural wealth, and create memories to last a lifetime with your loved one.