Sailing Destinations

Cruising vs Sailing: Sailing is an experience that is unlike any other.

Whether you dream of navigating the Mediterranean Sea, adventuring around the Great Barrier reef, or exploring the Caribbean islands, what comes to mind for many of us is taking a cruise. However, you may not realize that you can easily and affordably explore places like these on a chartered boat instead of on a crowded cruise ship. Sailing is an experience that is unlike any other. Today we will discuss the top reasons why you should consider a sailing vacation instead of a cruise.


Aside from creating a personalized trip itinerary, sailing provides you with endless opportunities to swim, snorkel, and find secluded beaches where you can relax. If you enjoy a particular place or beach, you can have the freedom to stay at that spot for longer, whereas a cruise line, on the other hand, has to stick to a strict schedule. Choosing to sail on your vacation means you have the ultimate flexibility in your schedule, and you can decide when to leave or stay. 


As you sail, it allows you to be closer to nature and relax as you soak in the sights and smells of the ocean. It is quite therapeutic to take in the wind, sun, and waves every day. Therefore, sailing can boost your mood and help you have a sense of restoration in your soul. Sailing also can make a lasting impression and make your vacation even more meaningful and memorable as you reminisce in later years. You will get to know the people you’re sailing with on a more personal level as you experience a trip like this together.

Escape the Crowds

Renting a private boat means you get to choose who you want to spend your time with during your trip. Cruises offer trips that can house thousands of people at a time. Sailing on your own gives you the time to explore the small towns and villages of the area at your own pace. You won’t have to worry about getting stranded if you forget to get back to the ship on time. Sailing adventures may also allow you to learn about unique spots in the area that can’t be accessed by large cruise ships. You will truly experience a road less traveled if you choose to sail. 

Travel in Style

As you sail, it sets you apart from the typical tourist crowd. Sailing also helps you feel glamorous without forcing you to pay exorbitant amounts of money. You will get to relax on the deck and bask in the sun every day. Wherever you want to stop and explore, sailing allows you to do that. This form of travel has been a thing that celebrities have been able to do for decades, but now, sailing is more affordable than ever.

Support Sustainability

It is no surprise that cruise ships produce thousands of tons of waste and pollution in the ocean every year. Compare some of those cruise ships with a small sailboat that uses the wind to propel it. You can help preserve ecosystems for much longer if you charter a boat instead of hop on a large cruise ship. A sailing holiday will help preserve these natural coastal environments. Additionally, cruise ships threaten to weaken many port city foundations by increasing the erosion of seabeds. Sadly, coral reefs along many shores have been lost to make way for cruise ships to have a place to port as well. Choosing to sail means you are choosing to protect our planet.

The local people and economies of small beachfront towns have seen negative impacts from the cruise industry. Sailing will give you a wonderful experience and is an alternative to cruising that is much more sustainable for our planet. We encourage you to take advantage of sailing and spend time doing that instead of purchasing cruise tickets on your next vacation.