The Navionics App

No matter if you are someone that likes to know exactly what the travel plan is or you prefer just to go, get lost and find some new possibly amazing places. One thing is certain – nowadays people are very dependent on their GPS. And it’s very understandable why. With all the fantastic apps that are available now, you always have something to help you with orientation. In this blog, we will present to you the Navionics app and why it is useful to have it.

Let us tell you about the Navionics boating app

When you are on the water, having a reliable GPS system is of the utmost importance. But which system works the best? Well, Tubber and many other water sports enthusiasts recommend Navionics boating app! This free application available for both IOS and Android offers customizable depth layers, free sonar charts as well as other options and paid upgrades. Let’s explore it together!

Detailed Maps

Boating, fishing, and sailing with the same detailed maps and advanced functions that are used on the best GPS plotters, now simply on your own Smartphone or Tablet – with the Navionics app you get the most out of your time on the water! The fact that these detailed maps are now also available on your own Tablet and Smartphone makes everything a lot easier. Furthermore, Marketresearchupdates.com also expects strong growth in the demand for electronic maps and GPS systems.

More data, more reviews, more fun!

Users of the app can get an additional source of information from ActiveCaptain® boaters, who share their experiences with passion. There is a varied and large number of POIs, such as marinas, anchorages, dangers, companies, boat ramps, bridges, dams, coves, locks and more. It is easily accessible and contains a lot of detailed information to discover, such as telephone numbers and VHF channels for marinas.

Navigation on your smartphone or tablet

Navionics is a navigation app and not a Navionics web app that can be installed on your Smartphone and Tablet. So you can use the GPS system on your own device at any point on your boat.

The Navionics app is available for both Apple and Android. The app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store. You can then choose from different packages for your favorite sailing areas.

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