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What type of sailor are you?

Whether you are an experienced sailor or have never boarded a sailing yacht, sailing vacations are for everyone. A sailing holiday is very diverse: not one day is the same. You can relax on the boat while you sail to different bays, beaches, and other places of interest. Have you ever wondered what type of sailor you are?

Flotilla sailing

Flotilla sailing is a form of group travel. It is a fun sailing holiday where you can easily make new sailing friends. A flotilla consists of a small fleet of about 10 sailing yachts. The fleet has a mother yacht with an experienced skipper who is always accessible via the VHF radio. Every morning there is a joint discussion about the weather forecast, sailing route and what the further planning for the day is. During the discussion, there is of course also room to ask questions to the flotilla leader. The experienced skipper on the mother yacht can help you where necessary. This way you are assured of a safe trip, and at the end of the day the flotilla guide can help you mooring at the port.

It is also possible to sail independently: you meet the rest of the sailors at the end of the day in the flotilla in the agreed bay or harbor. Once laid out you can decide to go to the beach to snorkel or make a campfire. On some days of the flotilla sailing trip, it is fun to visit villages or towns. Flotillas are available in Greece, Croatia, Italy, and Turkey. A flotilla is suitable for both novice sailors (to gain experience) and experienced sailors (sociability).

Family Sailing

For a family with no/hardly any experience in sea sailing, Family Sailing is a very suitable sailing holiday. With Family Sailing, you sail together with an experienced skipper in a flotilla where other families participate. As with every flotilla, a mother yacht with an experienced skipper accompanies who can help where necessary. The experienced skipper knows the sailing and weather conditions. Both the parents and the children do not have to be bored for a moment. Families who choose Family Sailing are often novice sailors or families with children who want to get to know new waters safely.

Even for the experienced sailor, family sailing is an enjoyable experience if you like group sailing and fun. After the morning meeting, everyone sails to the next, agreed spot, where you meet the other sailors in the harbor or bay in the evening. The children entertain themselves in the ports and bays where they dock with their peers. As a parent, you, therefore, have plenty of time to have a bite and drink with other parents from the fleet and enjoy the beautiful weather and the environment.

Party sailing

People partying on a boat

During the day you can swim, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and in the evening you go to the coolest parties. Party sailing is possible at the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca. With the party flotilla, you can sail around the island with a maximum of ten boats. Do you like to meet new people, sailing, have luxury and have parties? Then party sailing is what you are looking for. From all over the world, people between the ages of 21 and 36 come together on the party flotilla. You can choose to sail in the flotilla with a skipper, this can be from 3 to 9 people. You can also book a cabin on a sailing yacht for 1 person. On every boat, the relationship between men and women is equally divided.

Sailing holiday with skipper

If you want a carefree sailing holiday but do not have sailing experience, a sailing holiday with a skipper offers a solution. You have nothing to worry about and can relax on the boat. An experienced skipper will sail you safely along the most beautiful bays, ports and places of interest. Carefree can finally read that one book or want to see a different place every day. Good food in top restaurants, snorkeling and enjoying a beautiful environment. Relax! The advantage is often that the skipper has a lot of experience and knowledge of the area and therefore knows exactly what the best places and best restaurants are. A sailing holiday with a skipper can be done together with your partner, family or with a group of friends.


Bareboat sailing holidays are for real sailing enthusiasts. Quickly rent a sailing yacht in the most beautiful places in Europe and sail! If you rent a boat with a group, a bareboat sailing holiday is very advantageous. Find, find and book a boat that meets all your needs and do new sailing experiences. Croatia is a fantastic country for sailing with lots of fun sailing routes. Are you a real party animal then these party destinations might be something for you. Do you want to go sailing in the Caribbean? Then the British Virgin Islands is a real dream destination.