Tips and Tricks

What to wear and to bring on your next Sailing trip?

Whether it is your first time heading out on a sailing adventure or it’s just been years since your last one, you’ll need some refreshing on what exactly to wear and take along with you during your Sailing Holiday trip. The following list of items should help make sure your upcoming journey out on the seas is as enjoyable as possible…


One of the most important things to remember is that no matter how many times you have looked up the weather, ALWAYS prepare for all sorts of climates and conditions. Whether it is windy, rainy, cold, or scorching hot, you need to be prepared for any and all of it for your sailing or boating trip – following these tips…

  1. Do not wear skirts – lots of climbing up and down levels
  2. Shorts
  3. Comfortable long jeans or pants
  4. Weatherproof light jacket
  5. At least 2 hats
  6. Heavy jacket
  7. Sweaters/sweatshirts
  8. Dressier outfits – never know when you will find a nice anchorage to explore.


A shot of shoes

Before your trip, make sure you have either comfortable boat shoes or sneakers. Although you will be on a boat, you need to remember you will be doing plenty of up and down moving about, which means the comfort of your feet need to be maintained as a top priority. Here are some tips…

  1. Make sure the shoes are worn in and not brand new – avoiding blisters.
  2. NO black soles – they can easily leave marks on the boat deck.
  3. NO heels or wedges.
  4. Bring 1-2 extra shoes for when you anchor at various destinations.


There are some little things that often go unnoticed before heading out on a sailing adventure. Follow these tips to avoid just that…

  1. Hat and sunglass clips – so neither of them get blown off of your head or face.
  2. Leave jewelry with sharp edges at home to avoid snagging.
  3. Do not bring anything you would be devastated to lose if it were to fall overboard.
  4. Extra socks – preferably wool for those colder evenings.
  5. Sunglasses.


There’s a big chance that you’ll be working up quite the appetite while on board your vessel and more often than not, it will be when you are nowhere near an anchorage. To avoid hunger pains, consider bringing the following food and beverages aboard…

  1. Dry foods – chips, crackers, etc.
  2. Good ice for a nice refreshingly cold beverage.
  3. No bottles (beer or soda) – it can often take up too much space.
  4. Non-messy foods.
  5. Plenty of water – always stay hydrated.
  6. NO ice cream or chocolate – avoid any foods that are likely to melt and leave a mess.


A woman happily reading on a ship

Tubber has some extras to make your holiday complete. Follow these tips to get the best holiday experience you’ve ever had.

  1. Sunscreen – be sure to put plenty on each day, even on overcast days.
  2. Cash and credit cards – for when you anchor and fill up on gas.
  3. First aid kit – be sure there is one that is easily reached on board.
  4. Medicine – if you are already aware that you get seasick from time to time, be sure to take plenty of medicine that you know works for you in those cases.
  5. Books and magazines to read during downtime.
  6. Ziplock bags to put extras in when not needed.
  7. Always be sure to check with the person in charge and with those you are sailing with to make sure you all have the necessary items on board to make your sailing adventure go as smoothly as possible. Remember to be safe, stay hydrated, and have fun!