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Tips & Tricks: Dog on Board

Sailing holidays with friends and family are fantastic. You all get to explore stunning destinations and relax under the hot sun together. However, if you are a pet owner and you leave your beloved dog behind, the sailing holiday can feel empty without your best friend on board. Well, the only solution is to bring the dog with you! If you think that is too complicated or hard to do, keep reading, because the few tips and tricks we have for you will show you that sailing with your dog is quite simple.

Don’t miss out on a fantastic experience just because you are uncertain of how a dog can be allowed, safe, or comfortable on a boat. Follow these guidelines and hop on board with your best friend for the sailing holiday of a lifetime.

Plan Ahead

Planning is always essential. No matter if you are bringing your dog or not. If your beloved pet is coming along for the first time, think about creating a sailing plan. Following a specific itinerary will allow you to research the destination, the local vets, the regulations some places might have for pets and also how long you will be at sea and at land.

Here you can find all types of itineraries exploring destinations all around the world. We have prepared something for everyone, from a serene retreat and short sailing times to longer trips and exciting activities. We are confident there is something perfect for you and your pet.

Bring a Life Jacket

Life jackets are obviously a must, not just for your dogs but also for young kids. They are very useful with dogs, even if they are excellent swimmers. You may think your dog can handle it because you’ve seen him swim around a lake for hours. But keep in mind, the sea is much bigger, and it’s tougher to swim in.

Furthermore, a life jacket made for pets has handles on the sides that allow you to grab your dog if you see he is having some difficulties. Remember that in such situations, you should also use these side handles and never grab the dog by the collar.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Naturally, on the boat, there will always be a first-aid kit. But that kit is for humans only and does not contain pet specific supplies which might come in handy. In a situation where a dog gets scratched or hurt in some way having an antibiotic ointment, for example, will help to avoid infections, reduce pain, and accelerate healing.

Making the Dog Feel Comfortable

A dog looking into the camera on a boat at sea.

This is the biggest challenge if bringing your dog on board. However, it can be achieved. When you are looking for the boat you want to charter, examine the pictures proved. Many spacious boats such as the Catamaran have cozy corners and comfy places inside the boat where your dock can rest.

Furthermore, dogs need more time to adjust to new environments than we do so bringing some of his favorite toys, blankets he is used to from home or anything else you know he likes will be a huge help to make him feel at home.

Check the Local Laws

One of the most important steps is to check the local laws of your destination and preparing in advance. Many destinations will require specific documentation, from list of vaccinations to microchips. The essential one, of course, is a passport or some sort of identification for your dog. However, there might also be some rules regarding pets on board. It’s not common but just in case of check if the destination requires some sort of permission for having a pet on the boat.

Keep the First Trip Short

The best thing to do is to plan a short trip before you bring the dog to the full on sailing holiday. Getting him on a boat for a day or two to just adjust to the new situation will increase the chance that he will take a long trip more easily. Adjusting to being on water gradually is an essential step for making sure your dog will fall in love with sailing for years to come. Also, pay attention to how he is behaving on board and if you see that he is progressing and getting used to it, be sure that there is a significant change your dog becomes a sea lover.

Bring Necessary Dog Supplies

Whenever preparing for a sailing holiday, we all create a packing list and a grocery list. Do the same for your dog, consider which toys you will bring and make sure you have enough food and water for him. Other vital things are bowls and puppy pads. Sometimes there is no time for a potty break.

We all want what’s best for our pets and spending time with them, bonding on the water can be a life-changing experience both for you and your dog. Following these tips can make your next sailing holiday with your dog a breeze.