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Sailing Holiday is Cheaper than Staying in a Hotel

When it comes to heading out on holiday, chances are it’s time for some long overdue rest. Although you could, of course, head out to a fantastic destination like Croatia and settle for staying at a nice hotel that maybe has access to the beach and some decent water toys to rent just like everyone else is doing…but then again, do you really want to be like everyone else? A holiday should be a time of thrill and joy. Step away from your usual way of doing things to create fantastic memories!  Instead of booking a hotel, how about you trade it for an unforgettable sailing holiday?

Not quite convinced yet? Here are the top reasons you should start considering it…

Complete Freedom of Itinerary

Sure, it can be fun heading out on a group tour filled with dozens of other tourists, all chugging along through the hot weather, having to comply with the itinerary set out for you, and finding it to be just as much work mingling with the others as actually taking part in the activities. But is that what you really want your holiday to look like? Group tours all day? Instead of having to go along with a plan, you didn’t even come up with, why not create your own with complete freedom! Sailing gives you just that and so much more, with the ability to choose what you want to do, where you want to do it, and with whom you want to do it. Take an extra out on sea if you wish, go explore a nearby cove, island hop all day, and only soak up the freedom to live out the holiday of your dreams! Honestly, what more could you want?

Ultimate Privacy

Gone are the days when you wake up to a screaming kid in the hotel room next door or the housekeeping staff giving you an early morning wake-up call to clean your room just because you forgot to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door the night before. Say goodbye to overcrowded and noisy hotel properties and hello to the endless bliss of privacy aboard your own chartered sailboat. You have now got the entire wide open sea just for you and your sailing guests with the ability to do just about anything you wish. Fall asleep on deck after a night of stargazing, make the nearby island your perfect picnic lunch destination, or spend all day in the water with no worry about other tourists invading your space. Goodbye, crowds…hello, privacy.

Travel in Unbeatable Style

Want to make your friends and family back home extremely jealous? What do you think they are going to envy more: a typical hotel holiday with pictures of your feet in the sand or pictures of you having the time of your life atop a privately chartered sailboat surrounded by crystal blue waters and the open sea all at your disposal? It is undeniably one of the sexiest ways to travel, giving you the perfect combination of feelings of glamour, comfort, and being carefree. Wave a confident hello to all those hotel stayers onshore as you pass by in your luxurious sailboat silently thanking yourself for taking the chance on a sailing holiday instead of a hotel.

The Scenery & Greenery

And by greenery, we mean that it is one of the eco-friendliest holidays you can choose from. Instead of wasting all of that gasoline, you would if you had a rental car or even flying from place to place, a sailboat allows you to travel just as much but with a minimal amount of both gas and electricity! That means your sailing holiday is not only incredibly joyous, but you are also doing your part of caring for and respecting the environment. It’s a win-win! And in addition to the greenery, there is the unbeatable scenery that you get to wake up to each and every morning. Just beware, though, you may find you never want to debark from the boat.

Sailing Holiday is Budget Friendly

Now, you are probably thinking that all of the above information sounds exactly like what you are looking for. Although you want to embark on a sailing holiday, there is just no possible way you can afford it. Fortunately, you are probably completely wrong. Renting a boat is indeed more affordable than ever and something that can absolutely be within your means. It’s no secret that hotels can easily be the priciest expense on your holiday. The extra costs and the hidden fees are making it so expensive. With a sailing holiday, most of your costs are already taken care of. That makes it easy to budget and plan for well before you even sail off. Most of you will be heading out on a sailing holiday with a group of people. If that is the case, it can cost a little over €2,000 per week. That means it will only be less than €38 per day per person! Much cheaper than you thought, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect sailing holiday and get ready to travel in style. Enjoy complete freedom, unbeatable privacy, and unforgettable memories to look back on for years to come.

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