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First Aid Kit On Board

When it comes to preparing and gearing up for a sailing holiday adventure, amidst all of the excitement there needs to be a strong emphasis on little details that makes sure you are fully prepared while out at sea. Though there are several of them, one of the most important is making sure there is a proper first aid kit on board.

Despite the fact that you think nothing will go wrong on the trip and you hope your hardest for no spills or falls, things happen and it is ALWAYS best to be safe rather than sorry. Not only is it a requirement by law, but it is also simply just a standard good idea to always be prepared, and the following trinkets inside the onboard first aid like the ones below will surely prove handy to you in not so fun situations…


Though it may seem rather obvious, you would be surprised how many times a lack of bandages occurs while scouring through an onboard first aid kit in a time of panic. Throughout your sailing holiday, you will more than likely find yourself snorkeling above beautiful but sometimes sharp coral reefs, cutting up a midnight snack, or even grabbing a piece of paper or document – all of which can lead to minor cuts. When this happens, you’ll want a proper bandage.


There are two types of antihistamines you should always have on board: one liquid and one in spray form. These come in handy when you have either been bitten by an insect or stung by a jellyfish. Be sure that when you do make use of either form, you also load up on multivitamins and minerals to prevent exhaustion.

Stitching Kit

This first aid kit item is one that should without a doubt be available to you, but you need to keep in mind that in case you do need to use it for any reason, the person performing the stitches should have a medical background and be experienced in stitching someone up.

Antibiotic Rub

This will help to alleviate the pain in case of a burn or even a bruise. It is recommended that you invest in some cold jelly form that will really relieve that burning feeling. In addition, you can pack some aloe vera gel that also helps immensely with sunburns.


These items can account for anything from seasickness pills to generic painkillers pills like Ibuprofen or Aleve. You could easily become seasick and suffer from a bad stomach (nausea and diarrhea) and seasickness medication will prove to be a lifesaver if it works correctly. Pain pills come in handy for headaches, menstrual cramps, and overall aches and pains you might encounter along the way.


It is extremely important to note that although it is a regulation and law that each sea vessel has an onboard first aid kit, many times they have not been packed with the proper essentials. It is highly recommended that you bring along your own small but well packed first aid kit and not rely on the charter company to provide all of the above for you.