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Coboat Combines Remote Working and Sailing

Coboat project brings collaboration, co-working, remote working, and sailing together. As simple as it sounds, as powerful it turns out to be. If you combine exotic environments and inspiring situations with the collaborative mindset of our community, this can lead to pretty amazing results. Co-founder, Gerald Schömbs, has been a creative and adventurous entrepreneur all his life, as well as a traveler with a passion for sailing, diving, photography, and networking - if you connect all these dots it says “Coboat”. Read further on to find out about how he allows people to combine the passion for sailing with work.

How did you come up with Coboat concept?

“The idea was first initiated a year ago at Kohub, one of the greatest co-working spaces in the world in Ko Lanta, Thailand. Coboat is our dream lifestyle. We created it because we want to sail the world with people who inspire us. We experienced the co-working scene last year and became hooked by the concept. Why not create this on a boat?!”

Why do you think people should combine working and sailing?

“It depends on how you define work. You might not want to sit in front of your laptop all day like in a land-based co-working space. You would miss out on the chance of meeting like-minded people, sharing your projects, developing new ideas, and getting inspired by the scenery around you. In a co-working camp it’s a lot about sharing, getting feedback, meeting new people – and also having all of the fun you can have when being on a boat.”

Are there any rules or traditions when you are on board?

“Our community manager will develop an itinerary with activities, excursions, meet-ups, sunset-talks, water sports, workshops, presentations, and a variety of other formats that will be different each week.”

What are the main advantages of sailing and working at the same time?

“Coboat wants the catamaran to be a relaxing yet productive and creative space where different teams can bounce ideas off of one another and work efficiently with little distraction in a beautiful, serene, and tranquil atmosphere. You can expect co-living intensity, a community of like-minded people, new perspectives, changing environments, and to live in your discomfort zone along with tons of sun and fun through sailing exploration. We will connect you with the ocean and our mission to clean it up!”

Tell us about your best sailing trip that you made with Coboat. Why was it the best sailing trip?

“That was last year when we bought the boat, and I went sailing with my co-founder Karsten before the boat came out of the water to be re-fitted. Just the two of us sailing on a boat which can easily take up to 50 people. We were very proud.”

Tell us more about Coboat’s social mission

“Naturally, the ocean is very close to our hearts. When you have sailed for most of your life like we have, you get to witness the devastating impact our pollution is having. Even the smallest of beaches and seas are plagued with pollution. Seeing it first hand, over and over again, makes it difficult to ignore. There is no longer an option to sit back and do nothing. As we sail the world we will invite our community to contribute to the development of regional social businesses which will save our oceans. One ocean at a time.”


Can you advise any nice routes to take with a boat? Why are they special?

“Every week sailing on Coboat will be special and lead us to remote places – most of which you cannot access from land. Southeast Asia will be just as amazing as the Mediterranean this summer.”

What place do you plan to visit with Coboat in the future?

“We are planning to sail around the world. South Pacific will definitely be a highlight, but we will probably have to wait until 2019 for this destination.”