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Cell Phone Tips for Sailors

One of the most common questions for future sailors heading out on their first sailing adventure is whether or not they will be able to use their cell phone while on board. Whether you have to make calls for work purposes or simply want to stay connected via social media during your trip, we all like to stay connected somehow even when there’s oceans between you and the rest of the world. The following information should help you in getting fully prepared for your upcoming sailing adventure with these helpful cell phone tips while on board…

Cell Phone Tips for Skippers – CAT S40
Staying connected to friends and family members via social media and texts isn’t the only reason a skipper carries a reliable cell phone on board. Today, there are several applications available to skippers that help them navigate better, make important safety calls when necessary, and stay informed on current weather patterns among several other things. Though there are various options out there, the best in terms of reliability, usage, and overall satisfaction for skippers to consider is the CATS40. Made by an extraordinarily successful and highly known bulldozer and engine manufacturer, this phone has all the necessities from being water-resistant, durable, having long battery life, wet-finger tracking, and all the other essential functions you might need. Working with an Android operating system, it behaves similarly to your phone before it; making it an excellent choice for all skippers out at sea.

Sailors – Things to Consider

If you are heading out on a sailing trip for the first time, you will of course want to stay connected in order to document your trip along the way via social media and let your friends and family back home all is going well. Here are some important cell phone tips to note and consider before and during your sailing trip

  • Waterproof Case: As you can imagine, the sea is now your new backyard for several days, and that means the chances of getting you and your cell phone wet are nearly 100% guaranteed. Invest in a reliable and highly tested waterproof case that won’t allow a little water to damage one of the most important things you own.
  • Data & Service: Check with your cell phone provider on your usage and data limits if you are traveling outside your home country or continent. They may have a great plan to set you up that will keep you far away from ridiculous, expensive, and hidden fees.
  • Storage Space: One that you may not have thought of in advance, but certainly an important one, is how much storage you have on your cell phone. You will want to capture every fun and exciting moment, and the last thing you will want to happen is to find out your phone won’t allow you to take any more pictures. Back up your current pictures to your computer and then start snapping away, with plenty of storage space for your entire trip!