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Budget Boating Holiday Tips

When it comes to planning out your upcoming yachting holiday, one of the most significant issues that tend to be brought up is with the financial side of things. Many of us want to find the best deals out there and snatch them up as soon as possible, and with the yachting world, last-minute deals and budget yacht charters sometimes are a bit trickier to find. However, if this sounds like your most significant concern in deciding when, where, and how you are going to charter a yacht, then the following budget boating holiday tips should greatly help you out…

How to Cope with a Smaller Budget

Below you will find some tips on how to cope with a small budget while chartering a yacht for your upcoming sailing holiday…

  1. Plan to charter outside of the primary charter season from late September to late May.
  2. Opt for a yacht older than 4 years yet still reliable.
  3. Choose a smaller yacht at around 32 feet.
  4. Avoid the significant touristy areas like Athens and travel to parts like the Hydra Gulf instead.
  5. If given the option between Bavaria, Jeanneau, or Beneteau, choose Bavaria.
  6. Schedule some of your sailing adventures based on cheaper flights and accessible airports.

How to get your boating holiday under the budget as a couple

If it’s just you and your sweetheart heading out for a sailing holiday, you typically have three definite options available :

  1. A small sailing yacht – This is between 30-37 feet and will prove to have plenty of space!
  2. Cabin on a larger sailing yacht – Book with 3-5 other couples and save loads of money.
  3. A cabin on a gulet motorsailer – Though more expensive, it is much more luxurious.

If you are looking for freedom, then option 1 is undeniably the best option out there.