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Dream Sailing Itinerary: British Virgin Islands

There are many sailing destinations blessed with golden sanded beaches and kissed by the sun. However, once in a while, you also find these breathtaking destinations that go a step further. No matter if it’s with activities, festivals, unique serenity, or something else, they just make the sailing holiday feel like a dream. The one-week sailing itinerary around the British Virgin Islands we are about to dive in explores such an ultimate holiday destination.

Prepare for the sailing experience of a lifetime and point your attention to the famous Caribbean and more specifically, the stunning British Virgin Islands. This island group goes that extra mile in terms of sailing with its reliable trade winds, smooth line-of-sight sailing, and picturesque scenery. All of this and a lot more you will learn about if you keep reading makes the BVI one of the world’s best places for a sailing holiday.

Beginner or an experienced sailor, here everyone can enjoy sailing and discover the splendid variety of vibrant reefs, unspoiled beaches, and friendly bars. Beginning this journey from Road Town, we recommend you pack your adventurous spirit and put your worries behind. This is the sailing holiday you have been searching for…

Day One – From Road Town to Spanish Town – 11NM

Are you ready to begin this adventure? After you arrive at Road Town and prepare your supplies for the trip, it is time to sail towards Virgin Gorda. The first stop of this Caribbean sailing holiday will be the famous Baths. This geological wonder comprises enormous granite boulders, tumbling into the sea. The area surrounding them is stunning and offers plenty of opportunities for a hike or a delicious meal at one of the welcoming restaurants along with the baths.

Furthermore, a short sail north will bring you to the end destination of the day – Spanish Town. Spend some time exploring this beautiful place and take full advantage of the numerous unique shops. A waterfront donner is also recommended.

Day Two – From Spanish Town to Gorda Sound – 9NM

No time to waste, there is so much to explore. Let’s get sailing again and head towards Gorda Sound. Here you will pass Savannah Bay as you enter Gorda Sound. Surrounded by reefs and small islands, this is a place that every snorkeling enthusiast will fall in love with. Correction, every water enthusiast will love as you can do anything water related here. From swimming and windsurfing to paddle-boarding and kiteboarding.

We recommend you anchor at either at Leverick Bay Resort or west of Prickly Pear Island. The first one will offer top tier amenities, while the second one a secluded evening and a magical night under the bright stars

Day Three – From Gorda Sound to Anegada – 13NM

Day three will bring us to the island of Anegada. Here, the blue water and lush flora will be awaiting you. This is the perfect place for nature lovers as this is what prevails here. A visit to the Salt Ponds will show you the home of the flamingos. Also, keep an eye out for rare iguanas. You may have the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness in person species that can only be found on this island.

Day Four – From Anegada to Trellis Bay – 19NM

Next on the Agenda is Tortola and more specifically the east side of the island where you will find the tranquil Trellis Bay. This is an excellent opportunity to restock on some essentials in case you are running low. The highlight of this Bay is with no doubt the monthly full moon celebrations. In case you are lucky enough to be there for one, prepare for fire balls and live performances. The sunsets here are to die for, and this is also the perfect place to relax on the beach as it is absolutely beautiful.

Day Five – From Trellis Bay to Jost Van Dyke – 17NM

Moving along to the northwest of Tortola, we reach the smallest of the four main British Virgin Islands – Jost Van Dyke. Explore the southern shores of the island and head towards the welcoming Great Harbor. There you will find the best nightlife, vibrant bars and by the sea cocktail parties. Take your time and enjoy lounging on the beach while sipping rum cocktails to the sound of lively music. Those looking for a more thrilling adventure can also go on a hike into the rainforest hills behind the Great Harbor.

Day Six – From Jost Van Dyke to Norman Island – 10NM

The next destination of this British Virgin Island Sailing Itinerary will allow you to sail the border between two countries. How cool is that? As you navigate The Narrows separating St. John from Tortola, you will be at two places at once. Before you get to the destination Norman Island, you can choose if you want to sail between Great Thatch or Little Thatch.

Once you get there, however, it will feel like nothing you have seen so far, because this place is a treasure island. Literally. Norman Island is the place that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. It is not rare to see people exploring the coves and hidden bays in the hope of discovering pirate gold. Sound like the perfect adventure, doesn’t it? And who knows, you may be the one to find a hidden chest.

Day Seven – From Norman Island to Road Town – 6NM

It is the final day of this dream sailing holiday. This was definitely a journey to remember. After so much exploration and days under the hot sun, it is time you sail back to Road Town. Depending on your plan and your flight, you may have time for some more fun, however. On the way there, you can stop by Peter Island for a dip in the clear blue waters. Or hurry back and spend the day exploring Tortola. It’s all up to you, but we are confident both options will be enjoyable and a great conclusion to the fantastic experience.

We hope this sailing itinerary around the British Virgin Islands inspired you, and if you want more or you are longing to explore a different area of the Caribbean, here are a few suggested itineraries: