Malta Sailing Itineraries

An unforgettable sailing holiday in Malta

The unforgettable sailing holiday Malta is now available at Tubber! Discover this beautiful archipelago in the Mediterranean. Malta is known for its relaxed sailing areas and long sailing seasons. Dive into the beautiful sea, swim in the lagoons, or taste the delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

The quiet Comino

View of Comino cliff from above

In the Mediterranean, Malta is one of the smallest countries. The country consists of four islands. Comino is the most peaceful island and almost uninhabited, but it is a beautiful place for water sports enthusiasts. Because the island has an isolated location, it was in the past a residence of pirates and smugglers. If you want to discover the beauty of nature this is the place to be, there are no cars allowed, and there is only one hotel. Also, it is a refuge for birds that can live in peace. During your sailing holiday in Malta, it is indeed worthwhile to visit Comino. Cominotto seems in many ways on the island of Comino, and this is also an uninhabited island with many quiet nature reserves.

Beautiful Gozo

View of Gozo through a bow of a rock

Then you still have the island of Gozo; this is a relatively quiet island. To Gozo, mostly tourists come for their peace, culture, and nature. Approximately 32,000 people live in an area of 67 km². It is known for its incredibly beautiful temples, which are also one of the oldest in the world. When you want to go diving, this is an ideal location during your sailing holiday in Malta. With lots of beaches and clear blue sea, this is one of the most beautiful destinations for practicing water sports.

The tourist Malta

The largest island has the name of the country itself. The size of the island is approximately 246 km², and about 400,000 people are living there. Malta is a densely populated country. On this island, you will find most tourists and most places of interest. Tourism is responsible for the primary source of income. Almost a third of all income in the country comes from tourism.

For example, where Madagascar is known for its flora and fauna, Malta is known for its beautiful rocks and cliffs. With 3 hours of flying, you are already in this special place! During your sailing holiday, you can enjoy the stunning views that Malta has to offer.

The sunny climate of Malta

Malta naturally has a Mediterranean climate. The dry summers are typical of the country. As a result, it has a more extended sailing season than most other countries. In the summer, Malta regularly has desert winds. Because of this wind, it can get hot in the summer months; this can last for days. Besides, there is little or no rain in this period. A large amount of sunny days with a relatively small shower makes Malta an excellent location for your sailing holiday. You can often sail very pleasant, even in October.

Example sailing holiday Malta

Day 1: Roland Marina

Departure from the Roland Marina, located in Ta’Xbiex. A small town in the center of Malta, not far from the larger cities of Valletta and Birgu. Enjoy the sea view!

Day 2: Roland Marina – Gozo

Go to the beautiful island of Gozo. Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature. Choose from the many beaches and seaside resorts that are popular with both locals and tourists. Stop for lunch at Mellieha Bay. Here lies one of the largest and most beautiful sandy beaches of Malta. Then sail to the south of the Gozo island, where you will find one of the largest fishing villages.

Day 3: Tour of Gozo

Visit Dwejra Bay, one of the best places on this island. Many scenes for Game of Thrones are filmed at this location. Not far from here, you discover the Azure Widow. The Azure Window is a natural stone arch that partially collapsed in 2017 due to a severe storm. Part of the arc is still clearly visible.

Then you can explore the Blue Hole, which is a 10-meter vast indoor pool that leads to a large crack that opens into the open sea. The rocky spot Coral Gardens is also here, which is a breathtaking place to go snorkeling.

Day 4: Gozo – Comino

The Blue Lagoon is a famous beach in Malta, on the north coast of Malta. It has a small shallow bay with cyan-blue waters. Today you can spend enjoying the view, relaxing on the white sandy beaches, and discover the underwater life. Comino is a real nature reserve, with many birds and other animals.

Day 5: Comino – Marsaxlokk

Then sail to the west of the island. You can stop at Anchor Bay. Here you can find the Popeye Village, a wooden village built for the eponymous film Popeye.

Then you can continue to the cliffs of Dingli. Here you will find the highest point of Malta, which lies about 250 meters above sea level. Here you can see a fantastic view of the open sea.

On your way to Marsaxlokk, you can find temples that are among the oldest religious sites in the world. You can moor at the harbor and enjoy a nice restaurant in the neighborhood.

Day 6: Marsaxlokk – Marscala Bay

Nowadays, this small village has become the largest fishing port on the island. It is known for the brightly colored fishing boats with the eye of Osiris on the bow and the fish market on Sunday.

Then you can end the day in Marsascala Bay, an old fishing village with a beautiful bay. In the summer, the town is buzzing; many Maltese families have a summer house here. Tasting this cozy atmosphere is friendly.

Day 7: Marsascala Bay – Valletta – Roland Marina – back on the base

On the last day, you can visit Valletta. Here you can discover more about the rich history of Malta. There are many beautiful sights in Valletta, which you can close with a delicious Maltese restaurant on the harbor.