Work Remotely on a Yacht for Long-Term

Take your work to the sea on our long-term yacht rentals and explore the world! Enjoy this possibility as an exotic office space or the perfect leisure time for your sabbatical!

Long-term yacht rental

Do you ever get tired of staring out the window of your office, wishing you could enjoy the weather while also working? 

Then, a long-term bareboat charter is what you’re looking for, perfect for any adventurer! Take the opportunity to explore different countries, cultures, and meet all kinds of interesting people. And all of this in the comfort of your own yacht.

Work remotely, yet connected

More and more employers allow their employees to work from anywhere with internet access. Take advantage of that and follow your heart out to the sea, where you combine work and play. Use all the services a Marina has to offer during your working days and sail to the most beautiful places afterward!

Work remotely onboard

A woman working on her laptop on a beach

Try and discover the world of work while living onboard a yacht. Since the world of business allows this by becoming more flexible. So upgrade your brick box to one of the long-term yacht rentals. 

Enjoying the blue water as well as good weather will not be the only benefit, moreover, it will contribute to your wellbeing. As a result, it will stimulate your creativity and productivity.

Why work remotely?

There are enough reasons why you should live and work on a boat, for example:

  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • Internet access 
  • Isolation
  • Amenities
  • Community

For instance, how great will it be to close your laptop after you worked all day, hoisting your sails, and sailing wherever you want to go? Clear your mind by listening to the sounds of the ocean during your stay in the marinas.

Sabbatical Yacht Charter

Working on a yacht is not the only way to enjoy this long-term sailing offer. The perfect way to relax is sailing, the ultimate get-a-way from work is a sabbatical. When combining these two you will experience a sabbatical that is twice as fruitful!


Firstly, it quiets busy minds. Secondly, it boosts your wellbeing. Thirdly, it improves performance. Additionally to that, it increases calm feelings, and it reduces anxiety.

To think about when you work remotely

After all, don’t forget to consider the following:

  1. Destination

Choose a destination where you can explore an excellent local sailing ground. 

2. Marinas

Choose between quiet and lively marinas. 

3. Time of the year & weather

The peak seasons will be overall more expensive than the off-season. Besides that, the temperatures will vary every season. No worries, our boats are equipped with heaters. 

4. Yacht

Make sure you rent a yacht, which is big enough for your visiting family and friends. 

Immersive travel experiences

Experiencing the world without concern

Feel confident as you set sail, knowing our experts are available at our bases all over the world. With experienced staff on all bases, you’ll never be left without help. Besides that, we are always only a phone call away!

Sailing long-term may seem like an odd idea, but there are many benefits! You’ll see more than an average tourist could and visit places tourists don’t usually go to. Also, everything is flexible; you decide when and where to go.


With over 60 travel destinations, there is undoubtedly one that will strike your fancy. For example, enjoy the beautiful blue waters in the Bahamas, and relax on the beaches in the Caribbean. See the gorgeous historical sights in the Mediterranean, and be delighted by the South East Asian cuisine.

What to explore?

View of a palm tree at sea

We have destinations all over the world for you to discover when doing work remotely.


Visit the dry Tortugas in Key West, and Island hop around the Virgin Islands. Sail to the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay, and enjoy the many museums in Newport. And go swimming in freshwater Lake Champlain!

Central America

Enrich your cultural knowledge by sailing to Mexico and looking at the great blue hole in Belize. And adventure lovers can surf or dive in Panama.

South America

Learn Portuguese as you sail along the entire coast in Brazil. 


Sail from the beach to beach in the British Virgin Islands, and after that, you can visit bustling Puerto Rico. Enjoy the azure waters in St. Vincent, drink the locally produced rum in Antigua, and go hiking in the forests in St. Lucia. If you’re lucky you’ll find a waterfall!


Swim with pigs in the sapphire blue water in Pig Beach in the Bahamas.

South Pacific

A great chance to visit the unique black beaches in Tahiti. 


Sail island to island in the Balearic Islands, and have a cocktail on the beach in Costa Brava after that. Or go to France, Italy, Greece, or Croatia!

Indian Ocean

Visit Seychelles and explore all 115 islands!


Sail between Malaysia and Thailand to enjoy very rich cultures with delicious food.

Contact us for more information!


What is the difference between a long-term charter and a bareboat yacht charter?

A long-term charter is typically longer than one-two months.

How do I book a long-term yacht charter?

To book a charter you will need to contact us!

How long does it take to set up a long-term yacht charter?

It depends on the requirements and your flexibility in terms of date. Contact us for more information!

What are the costs of a long-term yacht charter?

That depends on the destination, duration, type of yacht, and time of year.

What is the typical duration of a long-term yacht charter?

Usually, two to nine months.

When is the best time for a long-term charter?

In the Mediterranean and South Pacific between April en June, and for the Caribbean is from mid-January to June. For Tahiti and New Caledonia, you are best off during September and October.

How can I prepare for a long-term charter?

Basically, sail as often as you can. Take a diesel engine class and a first aid course. Research your destination in advance and talk to us for more information!

Can we invite friend or family to join us?

Yes, you can invite people on board.

Can I rent out a cabin on my boat?

No, you cannot rent out a cabin on your boat. The insurance does not cover that.

What is the ideal age for kids on a long-term charter?

The ideal age is between 4 and 11. Nevertheless, make sure your kids can swim before taking them on a boat.

Can we bring our pet?

Your pets are very welcome, but some private renters may not allow it. However, the skipper is responsible for ensuring pets meet all local laws and regulations and are properly declared when clearing in- and out of countries. The safety of your pet is your own responsibility.

Are there any limitations of where I can charter?

There may be restrictions due to:
– Insurance coverage
– Crew licensing requirements
– Civil unrest or war
– Hazardous navigation conditions
Please discuss your plans with us and let us know if they change.