Update: Flying during Coronavirus – New Rules

Many doubts ocured about travelling during the Coronavirus. However, in this blog Tubber presents to you how the different airlines manage to create a safe environment onboard for all passengers and how travelling is possible.

Flying during Coronavirus

Many of us are asking whether flying during Coronavirus is possible. Due to the current standstill position of many airlines, new rules are established for the passengers on board. Next to the sanitizing measures, protocols are being renewed, and safety regulations are imposed for all flights around the globe.

Tubber yacht charter will update you with this blog about the new safety rules and how you can travel for a sailing holiday. The protective gear for passengers like face masks and gloves are just a small part of the safety measures undertaken by the airlines. The following paragraphs will let you know how flying during Coronavirus is done with different airlines:

Air Canada

To maintain social distancing, airline Air Canada has adjusted its boarding process. To make flying during Coronavirus possible and safe, Air Canada has established new compulsory rules for all flight attendants. Passengers must carry their own face mask or anything covering their face like a scarf. Moreover, the face masks will be worn while boarding and during the flight with exceptions for eating and drinking.

The temperature of passengers will be checked at boarding, and in case it is more than 99,5 degrees or higher – they will not be allowed to attend the flight. Fewer people will be allowed to board at once, which will help the social distancing to be kept within the flight attendants. More distance will be kept withing the seats of the passengers as well.

Air France

Air France also functions currently and makes flying during Coronavirus possible. All crew members and flight attendants must wear face masks. The airline has announced that it will inform the upcoming flight attendants via email to prepare a couple face masks for the flight.

People will be separated from each other during the flight as more space will be provided within the seats.

American Airlines

Like the other airlines, American Airlines requires passengers to wear masks during the flights. Moreover, the aircraft company is willing to distribute sanitizing wipes and face masks to its passengers as long as the supplies allow it. Exceptions are made for the very young flight attendants or the ones, whose conditions do not allow them to wear a face mask.

Delta Airline

Delta Airline requires the passengers to wear face masks and reminds them about the rules via email, before the flight date. Temperature check-ups are done while boarding, and six feet distance is kept between people.

The total number of flight attendants is reduced, and the middle seats are blocked as well.


Since April, the airline requires passengers to cover their faces with face masks. Moreover, special safety gear is used by the crew, including gloves, goggles, mask and a disposable gown, covering them from head to toe.


The airline maintains the face-mask rule since April throughout the whole flying process. Moreover, the available seats are reduced online so that more space is kept between people.


Since May 4th, Lufthansa has begun requiring from its passengers to bring their own face masks. Besides, it allocates the fliers as far from each other as possible and is blocking the middle seat.


The airline Ryanair restarts its flights from July 1st and both the crew and the passengers will have to wear face masks. Ryanair is also limiting the amount of checked bags and the food and rinks availability onboard for extra safety precautions.


Both the crew and the passengers are required to wear face masks. The airline also has face masks and sanitizing wipes for those who do not have any. The number of passengers is reduced on each flight, and the foods and drinks onboard are suspended until further notice.


Since the beginning of May, all passengers are required to wear face masks during the flights with the airline. Seats in all cabins are with limited availability, and the middle seats cannot be booked. People will not be able to sit next to each other as well, and the food onboard will be prepacked.

We from Tubber want with this update to assure you that travelling is possible right now under the required safety precautions. Follow our blog for updates about flights, regulations and sailing holidays. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Tubber team!