Born to Sail: Anne de Vries about His First Boating Experience.

Born to sail is a range of interviews with people who love boating and sailing. You will discover about their first experience on the boat, popular sailing locations, tips, and suggestions. I interviewed Anne de Vries to learn why he loves sailing so much.

What is your favorite type of boat?

Sailing boat or sailing yacht.

How many days do you sail per year?

Throughout last year I sailed for 6 to 7 weeks (around 49 days), but I would like to sail more often. It is too little for my liking.

What is your first memory of being on board of the boat?

My first time sailing was quite an unusual and luxurious experience. I was invited to sail on a Sunday afternoon on the beautiful Italian sailing boat named Pozzetto d’Oro in the Netherlands. I fell in love with being on the water, and I wanted to learn to sail myself. I was not really young when I started sailing; I was already 29 years old. Step by step, I was getting all the necessary diplomas and experiences. Together with Ron (co-founder of Tubber), I was learning how to sail the North Sea. After that, I bought my first Allures boat from him. Later, I sold it just before the crisis in 2008. However, I still wanted to sail, so I went to Greece, and I rented a boat there. Actually, it was the time when the idea of Tubber arose.

My first time sailing was quite an unusual and luxurious experience

What is your favorite sailing location in the world, and why?

I love the British Virgin Islands a lot, especially the characteristic wind in February, March, and April. Everything anyone needs is there: a strong wind, nice people, dolphins next to your boat, and breathtaking nature. You can catch tuna and make fresh sushi on board.

Tell us about your best sailing trip.

Once I took a trip to Saint Martin with a few of my friends. We had to deliver a boat from the BVI to a client on St. Martin and afterward we had to take it back. The outward journey was tough, but on the return trip, we had the best time of our lives. Our boat was nicely surfing the waves. We caught a lot of fish, like barracuda, talked a lot with each other, and had fun sailing. After the trip, I learned that iPhones and sailing do not go well together. As always, the sea stole the iPhone of my friend Ron (which wasn’t the first time…).

What is your opinion on drinking on board? What is your favorite drink while boating?

A skipper should never drink on board. It is always better to have a cold beer or gin tonic with other sailors in the marina at the end of your sailing day. It is a perfect opportunity to discuss the trip with your fellow sailors.

What is your advice for beginners?

Never buy a boat. Only if you have lots of money and free time, you should buy one. You can see so much more if you rent a boat, you don’t have to stay in one place for too long. I do suggest to go to a sailing school, which gives you the experience and knowledge you need to handle a boat.

What other sailors could learn from you?

A lot of people like to stay in a marina, but I prefer to stay on anchor in a beautiful bay. My advice is to keep sailing and practicing after your sailing lessons. You should not wait for the next summer to sail again. Keep on sailing and learning new techniques, and be aware that the weather can change, so you’ll be prepared for all weather conditions.

Another advice is to keep sailing and practising after your sailing lessons

Are there any rules or traditions on board of your boat?

When I am the skipper, I always make spaghetti carbonara. Probably everyone would laugh while reading this, but it’s true. I have one rule, people on my boat can not cut their pasta. If they cut their pasta, I will throw the plate over the board. They’ll get mad at me the first time, but they will remember this the next time.

Describe in 3 words your outlook on spending free time on the water?

Adventure, relaxation, self-discovery.

If you could design your ideal boat what 3 elements/features would you add to it?

I would have excellent sails and longer beds. Usually, all the beds on the boats are too short for me, because I am almost 2 meters tall. Also, I would like to have a good water maker to stay longer at sea.

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