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The Treasures of the Mediterranean

From history-filled towns spread on glorious hillsides to modern resorts. From cozy island anchorages to modern top-tier marinas. The Mediterranean has it all. There is no other area in Europe or in the world that offers such a wide diversity of views, experiences, and destinations. Blessed with a fantastic history, delicious cuisine, and a variety of stunning locations such as Ibiza, Palma, Mykonos, Napoli, Split, and many others, the Mediterranean is a dream come true.

No matter what your dream sailing holiday looks like it is inevitable that this place can offer you something you can fall in love with. This ideal guide will show you beautiful locations and key charter areas in the West and East Mediterranean Sea. We hope you become inspired for your next sailing holiday with Tubber!

The West Mediterranean

The Western part of the Mediterranean is a unique mix of all the things one can need on a sailing holiday. With Italy’s history, France’s cuisine, and Spain’s stunning beaches nothing can be missing. From Cannes and St. Tropez to Ibiza and Formentera, this area is filled with iconic destinations that people love to visit and dream about. Here you can also find the finest selection of yachts, some of the most luxurious marinas, as well as prestigious boutiques and restaurants.

We can talk about the gems of the West Mediterranean for years, however for now we can only give you the highlights and some of the brightest stars. Let’s dive in…

French Riviera

The French Riviera has long been a synonym for style, a pillar of luxury, the home of beautiful villas and amazing yachts! We know the area for its mild climate and breathtaking landscape. Every town offers a new experience, and you can enjoy both tranquil islands to glamorous locations known worldwide. From St Tropez and Monaco to Antibes and Cannes, this place is like the walk of fame for stunning holiday destinations.

However, the perfect way to enjoy your summer vacation in the French Riviera is with a luxury yacht under the blissful sun. You can now enjoy the buzz of the big city even if you don’t like crowds. In the sea, on your private yacht, you can keep moving and not get caught into mass tourism. The possibilities are endless, you just have to decide whether you want to be there for the Cannes Film Festival, for the relaxing days with family and friends under the hot sun or something else. The French Riviera has it all.


Sardinia’s most appealing aspect is the stunning nature that can be observed there. From seductive beaches and turquoise waters to places like La Maddalena Archipelago national park, this island makes for an ideal sailing holiday destination.

Furthermore, just a hop away from the stunning northern coast of Sardinia, you will find the sensational town of Bonifacio and the island of Corsica. Famous for its stunning wind-carved cliffs, this place is a must-see! The port is full of cozy restaurants and bars, while the town itself offers a traditional French island experience.

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are 6 Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea that we can divide into two groups. The main islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, and the smaller islands of Dragonera and Cabrera. One thing, however, is true for all of them, they are absolutely stunning. We already have a full guide of the Balearics ready for you. So now we will only give you an overview of why this is one of the best places in the entire Mediterranean. The first reason is Ibiza. The epitome of a Mediterranean paradise due to its gorgeous bays, mythical islets, and one of a kind hedonistic culture. Second, we could not forget to mention Menorca and Mallorca. They offer a different type of beauty and pleasurable experiences since they are a bit wilder. They have preserved their natural attractions such as caves, forests, and untouched beaches. And last but not least Formentera, which offers just as much as the rest plus some peace and quiet retreat.

Before we continue to the East, here are some honorable mentions – Amalfi Coast, Spain, Italy, Sicily.

The East Mediterranean

Imagine vibrant colored houses with gardens and flowers on every window. Add crystal clear waters and stunning scenery, and you get the coastline of the East Mediterranean. From the charming streets of Greece, through Croatia’s red roofs to Turkey’s unique and unforgettable secluded coves. Many countries here shine bright. However, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey are a must.


The Greeks have always been deeply connected with the sea. The ancient city of Athens remains the hub for all yachting activities to this day. This along with the undeniable beauty of places such as Mykonos and Santorini make Greece the perfect sailing holiday destination.

There is so much to explore and enjoy in this area that we advise you to also check out our One Week Dream Sailing Itinerary: From Athens to Corfu and our Island Hopping Itinerary in Greece to dive deeper into the stunning nature and culture of these places.

Needless to say, the weather in the islands is almost always sunny and dry. You can expect high temperatures during the day and pleasantly warm ones at night. Winters are chilly and wet. However, summer in Greece lasts longer than the one in France or Italy. So go ahead, take advantage of that, and allow yourself some more time to sail!


Croatia is a place of diverse culture and rich heritage. A legacy built over the centuries by many empires such as the Illyrian, Roman, Christian, Venetian, and Austrian. They all left their imprint, turning this beautiful country into something wholly unique and charming with its diversity. No wonder it’s one of the most favorite tourist destinations, especially for sailing holidays.

With beautiful blue waters, ancient towns, more than 1.000 islands, and 350km coastline ready for exploration, Croatia is the dream destination. That is if you want to enjoy a lovely holiday on the water. Furthermore, within each town, you can witness a vibrant history and beautiful architecture.

Key destinations in Croatia are Split and Dubrovnik. The first one famous for its wine. The second for its prominent appearance in the worldwide known show Game of Thrones. Both locations, like many others in Croatia, are breathtaking and we advise you don’t miss out on them.


Last but not least we have Turkey that offers all of the best of the Mediterranean. History and countless ruins. Excellent cuisine you have never tasted before. Peaceful anchorages, numerous stunning islands surrounded by sparkling bright blue water and a sunny climate perfect for sailing.

Most sailing holidays in Turkey start from the Southwestern port towns of Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek or Fethiye. However, you can also cruise the magnificent Bosphorus near Istanbul as well as the Black Sea.

Furthermore, the Dodecanese Islands close to Turkey and Greece are a dream come true. And a destination you should definitely put on your list for this summer.

We hope we managed to give you some inspiration and good ideas for your next sailing holiday. If you see a destination that looks good, either click on it and read more or contact the Tubber Experts. They are always here to help you and discuss your destination choices in more detail. Also, remember to tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page which destination of the Mediterranean sparked your interest.