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The Top 8 Best South East Asia Islands You Must Visit Next Time

It’s certainly no secret that South East Asia boasts some of the world’s most stunning beaches, coastline, and white sandy sceneries. But how are you supposed to choose from dozens which to add to your bucket list? The following should help out with just that. Here are the top 8 South East Asia Islands you absolutely must not miss out on…

1. Phuket – Thailand

The southern part of a country known for its warm climate, vibrant culture, and of course it’s not so shabby beaches. Phuket is one of the most visited parts of all Southeast Asia, and with just one visit there, you’ll soon understand why. Whether you want to party the night away on Patong Beach, enjoy the calmer yet big Karon Beach, or spend an entire day island hopping the Phi Phi Islands, it is all possible when visiting beautiful Phuket.

2. Bali – Indonesia

For those who enjoy the best of both worlds – adventure and tranquil escape – Bali may just be the Southeast Asian gem you’ve been looking for. You can spend half of your time surfing the waves of Kuta Beach and exploring its diverse underwater world through scuba diving. While the other half is spent among secluded rice fields and visiting breathtaking temples. Bali allures all types of travelers, making it all the more exhilarating to pay a visit to.

3. Palawan – The Philippines

With first glance, you’ll soon realize why Palawan was just recently voted as one of the most beautiful islands on the globe. It’s turquoise waters that surround soaring jungle-topped mountains that inhibit all types of flora and fauna will be enough to make you never want to leave this Southeast Asian paradise.

4. Langkawi – Malaysia

An archipelago made up of nearly 100 different islands. Surrounded by crystal blue waters and even more intriguing local culture, all available to delve into during your visit to Malaysia. To get one of the best views of both jungle life and sea life, head out on the suspended sky bridge located on the main Langkawi island where you’ll be 700m above some of the most stunning landscapes in this part of the world. Get your camera ready!

5. Palau – The Philippines

The Philippines gives us yet another stunning destination; entirely different than the previously mentioned one. On the island of Palau, you’ll get the chance to dive head first (quite literally) into the beautiful waters that make this Southeast Asian treasure worth exploring. Dotted with lush green islands throughout its waters, the island is home to a diverse underwater population. It includes popular spots like ‘jellyfish lake’ where you can swim among harmless jellyfishes for a truly unforgettable magical moment.

6. Tioman – Malaysia

Tioman island located on the east coast of Malaysia is able to offer you a little bit of everything. From adventure hiking through lush jungle and scuba diving its colorful waters, to simply lounging on its white sandy shorelines; The choices are far from few in Tioman. Plus, you’ll be able to indulge in some of the country’s best seafood freshly caught right from the shores.

7. Flores Indonesia

Your next stop should undoubtedly be the island of Flores – a place growing in popularity each year that passes. Pay a visit to Komodo National Park where you’ll be among free-roaming Komodo Dragons or spend the day soaking up the rare natural beauty of the island’s volcanic turquoise crater lake! Soak up the colorful culture of its harbor town, Labuanbajo. You will notice what makes this island a bucket-list-worthy destination.

8. Gili Islands – Indonesia

Last, but certainly not least we have the beautiful Gili Islands of Indonesia as part of our list with the best southeast Asia islands. A quick ferry ride over from Bali will land you amongst a true tropical paradise. Made up of the three unique and beautiful islands of Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. You can charter a boat during your visit to explore all three and their incredible offerings. If you head to the Gili Islands during the right time of the year, you may find that you have an entire secluded beach all to yourself – that alone is well worth the visit to this incredible island of Southeast Asia!