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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches

Have you always dreamed of a sailing holiday around the British Virgin Islands? Or discovering the different bays in Croatia? The world offers fantastic places for your sailing vacation. When the time has finally come, you should definitely not miss the following top 10 most beautiful beaches!

1. Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) on Brač, Croatia 

Is a holiday to Croatia waiting for you? Then you should definitely not miss this beautiful beach in the old city Bol on the island Brač. With its clear blue water, pearly white sand, and unique shape, it is one of the most famous beaches of Croatia. Zlatni Rat is called ‘Golden Horn’ because of its shape, or headland, which continuously changes shape due to the changing tides. Sail from Bobovišća to the town Bol in about 16 hours, where you can anchor the boat and enjoy the surroundings.

When you walk off the beach, there are several nice restaurants to have a drink and something to eat. Try street food at the BioMania restaurant, or eat fish- and seafood at Mali Raj. Both restaurants offer different cuisines and plenty of choice for the vegetarians among us.

Bol is the oldest town on the island, where you can indulge a lot of culture. There is a lot of cultural heritage from the Roman era and there is a unique Dominican monastery. In addition, there are plenty of restaurant facilities and (water) activities to experience.

2. Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkas, Greece

View of a beach in Lefkas from behind a tree

If you want to enjoy one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Greece, then Lefkas is the place to be. Once arrived on the island Lefkas, it will soon be time to hoist the sails, put on your swimming clothes and sail to Porto Katsiki. This extensive beach is located on the southwest of the island. You can take a staircase from the beach to the top of the steep rocks. When you’re at the top, you have a magnificent view over the turquoise sea. Make sure you bring enough food to this beach because there’s only 1 restaurant in the area. Or continue sailing to Vasiliki Beach and moor the boat in the harbor. There are many eateries here, such as the restaurants Zorbas and Oceans. They both offer delicious Greek dishes and more.

Are you done swimming and are you ready to discover more of Lefkas? Then pay a visit to Cape Lefkas and Egremni beach. You can sail along the cape, where you can see the lighthouse on the white steep rocks from a distance. Egremni is also well worth a visit. This is a visit. This is a secluded beach that can only be reached by boat. 

3. Cala Corsara on Spargi, Italy

Did you book your sailing vacation to charming Italy? Italy has many beautiful routes for a trip along various bays. Especially in the north of Sardinia. In addition to the bays, there is also a nature reserve “La Maddalena”. This reserve is known for the “pink” beaches and a large number of anchorages. Cala Corsara, which is located in the south of the island of Spargi, belongs to this reserve. This beach should certainly not be missing from your trip. It is a former pirate hideout, which can only be reached by boat. Due to the clear blue water and beautiful surroundings with green vegetation, Cala Corsara is one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches.

4. Smuggler’s Cove on Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Smuggler’s Cove is located on the west side of one of the four largest and most important islands of the British Virgin Islands archipelago, which has a total of 50 islands. Tortola is the island with the most inhabitants and the capital ‘Road Town’ is located here. Smuggler’s Cove is located in a bay called ‘Lower Belmont Bay’. Imagine yourself on this secluded beach in the tropics and have a delicious cold beer at the one and only, but much loved, beach bar ‘Nigels’. The calm and clear blue water, the diversity of coral and colored fish makes it a great snorkeling area. The beach also offers a view over the islands of Jost van Dyke and Little Jost van Dyke.

5. Makkum beach in Friesland, Nederland 

In for a staycation? That is possible as well at Tubber. There are a number of beautiful places to sail to in the Netherlands, such as Zeeland. But nothing beats the many lakes and waterways in Friesland. Therefore, Friesland is the water sports province of the Netherlands and is liked to be visited by water sports enthusiasts.

Not in the mood for an overcrowded harbor and do you just want to float on the water? That is possible at Makkum beach, so drop the anchor and enjoy a wonderful day at the wide beach. On the beautiful summer days, the beach will be full of tourists and residents of the area. There is a holiday park located near the beach, which has been chosen as the nicest holiday park in Friesland. You’ll find many water sports enthusiasts on the water, especially kite- and windsurfers.

Would you like to try it yourself? That is possible. In addition, there are various shops and eateries at the boulevard. Buy a nice outfit at Visser & Tan Beach Store or take a seat in your swimwear at ‘Strandbar Thuishaven’. It’s also possible to eat in the more luxurious restaurant ‘Strand Huys Makkum’. For a quick bite, you can go to Hoek’s Vis & Snack’s.

6. Cala Formentor on Mallorca, Spain

View of Cala Formentor on Mallorca

Cala Formentor is a beautiful natural beach at the most northern tip of the Mallorca peninsula, surrounded by pine trees and the Tramuntana mountains. It is a fairly narrow beach, 1 kilometer long, but it is well worth mooring the boat here. The sand is fine-grained and clear. In addition, the water has beautiful turquoise tones. The usual facilities are also available, such as lounges, umbrellas, showers, and toilets. In the summer, a lifeguard monitors the beach. Water sports activities such as pedal boats or windsurfing are also offered on this beach.

During the tourist season, the beach can be quite full, so how wonderful it is that you have all the space on the boat to sunbathe. And to cool off, you can take a dip by simply jumping off board in the clear blue water. It is a nice place to anchor your boat, because of the calm sea. That is, because the beach is located in the north of the island and is exposed to the southern wind. You can also dive very well, because of the beautiful underwater cliffs. 

7. Cala Salada on Ibiza, Spain

Of course, Ibiza is also in the top 10 most beautiful beaches. Cala Salada is a bay with a beautiful beach in the west of Ibiza. With only a westerly wind, Cala Salada is well protected and, therefore, also offers fantastic anchorages. This way, you can spend the night here in peace. But watch out for the rocks on the north side if you decide to drop anchor here. Partly because of the large nearby city of San Antonio, the beach is trendy in high season.

This beach is known for the ‘Ses Fontanelles’ caves, where murals can be found dating from the Bronze Age (3000 BC to 1200 BC). In the caves, you can take a long walk, and via a large staircase, you walk towards the sea, where you end up on a private beach. On the beach, you can order delicious traditional meals at the restaurant ‘Cala Salada.’ Because of these recipes, the restaurant is also very popular with the locals.

8. Freedom Beach on Chang Wat Phuket, Thailand

Freedom Beach on Chang Wat Phuket, Thailand

Decided to go a little further from home? Discover the tropical beauty of Thailand, located in the heart of Southeast Asia. Freedom Beach is located on Chang Wat Phuket Island, Thailand’s largest island, also known as the “Pearl of the Andaman.” Phuket has many beautiful and safe moorings, raw and pearly white beaches, a vibrant nightlife, hospitable people, and uninhabited islands. A visit to these beaches will make you think you are in the Maldives, especially Freedom Beach, with its turquoise blue water, tropical surroundings, and pearly white sand.

Due to the difficult accessibility to get to the beach on foot, the beach is relatively quiet. The beach can be easily reached by boat, where you can anchor in the sand around 10 meters. The beach is not monitored, and therefore there are no sunbeds or umbrellas to use. Two small beach bars are open in high season. Don’t forget to bring a snorkel and/or a diving set!

9. Plage de Saleccia on Corsica, France

Plage de Saleccia is located on the north coast of Corsica. This island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has a surprising geographic diversity. In a short time, you travel from beautiful bays, great beaches, and lively art cities to a landscape of dense forests, gigantic mountain ridges, and green valleys. This beach is therefore not easy to reach on foot, due to the unspoiled nature reserve  ‘Désert des Agriates’. You may even encounter cows on the beach, which is typical for Corsica.

Due to the problematic accessibility, there is no bar or restaurant on the beach. Therefore, go well prepared towards this beach, bring enough food and equipment. There is also good snorkeling; incredibly close to the rocky reefs, there is a unique underwater experience. Anchoring can be done well in the sand. So quickly set course for this beautiful beach and enjoy the turquoise water and white sand!

10. Pig beach on Major Cay Island, Bahamas

Close-up of a pig swimming in the waters of the Bahamas

The island ‘Big Major Cay Island’ is not inhabited by humans, but by several pigs. You can, therefore, safely swim or feed them. When you drop the anchor, they will come and swim around the boat. This island is part of the Exumas Islands archipelago, which is only 26 nautical miles from the island of Nassau. This archipelago consists of about 360 islands of the 700 that the Bahamas has in total. For a variety of dining options, head south, where Staniel Cay Island offers more options. Dock the boat here and enjoy a tasty meal at the “Taste And Sea Café” or at the Staniel Cay Restaurant. It is, therefore, not surprising that this beach is in our list of the top 10 most beautiful beaches.

In short, wherever in the world, there is enough choice to sunbathe on a beautiful beach or to cool off with a dip in the crystal clear seawater. The beaches range from pristine and low-traffic, such as Smuggler’s Cove, Cala Corsara, Freedom Beach, Plage de Saleccia, and Pig Beach, to cultivated beaches with many facilities, such as Zlatni Horn, Makkum Beach, Cala Formentor. Beaches that fall in between are Porto Katsiki and Cala Salada.

Which beach do you think does also belong to this top 10?