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The Essence of Luxury Sailing

What image pops up in your mind when you think of a Luxury Sailing Holiday? We are sure it’s something along the lines of admiring stunning coastlines and hopping from one heavenly island to the other, all while enjoying nature, cuisine and local culture. Maybe you also think about those luxury catamarans that look like floating 5-star hotels.

No matter if you already have an idea in your mind of what luxury sailing entails or you never knew sailing could be this indulgent, this guide will show you precisely what luxury sailing could be. And what you should expect on such a dream holiday. Furthermore, we will present some of the reasons why Catamaran Sailing offers the ultimate luxury sailing experience. As well as suggestions on some destinations that reach that high level of luxury you are looking for.

We hope this article gives you some inspiration and provides answers to your questions about whether or not chartering a yacht or Catamaran and embarking on a luxury sailing adventure is what you desire. However, remember that if by the end of this guide, you are still uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact the Tubber Charter Experts. They are ready to assist you at all times.

Why Catamarans Offer the Ultimate Luxury Sailing Experience

Luxury Catamarans Offer Large Living Spaces

Size is the first big reason Catamarans reach that perfect luxury experience. Interest in luxury sailing is increasing steadily; therefore, the manufacturers are building larger and larger boats each year. You know what that means, more space in every area – cabins, decks, dining area, saloon space. So much space, you could easily entertain the whole family or a big friend group with no worries whatsoever.

Bright Comfortable Spacious Interiors

What makes catamarans so unique is the dual parallel hulls. This means that the space in between the hulls is significantly larger in comparison to a mono-hulled yacht. Because of this, designers can ensure there are plenty of ports (windows on boats) to allow light to come in. This makes for a relaxing and enjoyable space with amazing views. This combined with modern, stylish interiors, upscale furnishing, and elegant finishing touches makes these boats resemble 5-star hotel rooms, or like a dream home, you only find on the cover of a magazine.

Faster Sailing on Some Points of Sail

Catamarans offer a faster sailing experience than a monohull boat. This is due to the reduced friction as the boat passes through the water. In proper conditions found in many beautiful destinations, even luxury catamarans can generate some impressive speed. Technical part aside, for you that means you get to your destinations faster, and you have more time to spend in swimming, relaxing and exploring.

Catamarans Offer Stability

One of the most significant advantages of such luxurious catamarans is their stability. The two parallel hulls provide the needed weight to keep the boat flat (up to 5 degrees). This makes these catamarans perfect for beginner sailors, families, people who suffer seasickness or nervous passengers in general.

The Perfect Luxury Sailing Destinations

Sailing offers the opportunity to explore all corners of the world. With Luxury Sailing or Catamaran Sailing, it’s basically the same, so don’t put restrictions on your freedom and explore any destination you fancy. On the Tubber website, you can easily access information about our destinations and compare all Catamarans available.

However, the most popular ones, with a reason to be, are Croatia, Greece, and the Balearics. No surprise there, right? All three dream destinations are the ideal places to explore on a luxurious catamaran because they are all rich in breathtaking views, whiskey-clear waters, pearl-white sandy beaches, as well as cultural and historical heritage and entertaining activities.

Thanks to the shallow draft of the Catamaran, exploring the coastline of these locations is easy and fun. Getting close to shorelines, caves, islands, and mooring in secluded bays is possible with catamarans, and it opens the door to a whole new set of activities, like exploring coral reefs and snorkeling. All while remaining close to your boat, in case you want to sail to the next location.

Furthermore, these destinations offer top-tier facilities and best-equipped marinas. Renovated or brand new, these marinas are an attraction in themselves. If you are someone that loves to observe boats and is impressed by all the new fancy yachts, these are the places where you will find them. Besides, all three locations offer a wide arrange of amazing restaurants, wild nightclubs, festivals, and so much more. Here are some articles that highlight the best attractions in each country/area.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to embark on the most luxurious sailing experience of your life and witness in person all the perks of a catamaran? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. And remember, if you need help with chartering a yacht, the Tubber Experts are always here to help!