Caribbean Holiday Destinations Tips and Tricks

The Best Caribbean Islands for Sailing Charters

Ditch the thought of settling in at a hotel for your entire Caribbean vacation and book a chartered sailing vessel. With more options to go where you want to go, you’ll be able to see and do so much more! Be sure not to pass up paying visits to the best Caribbean Islands…

The Windward Islands – St. Vincent & The Grenadines

First up in the best Caribbean Islands, the Windward Islands. This chain of islands stretches for a total of 40 miles with each square foot exuding a charming French-English-Creole heritage; alluring travelers from all over the globe to come experience it first-hand. You’ll get the chance to not only soak up the sunshine on either St. Vincent or The Grenadines. Enjoy adventures like snorkelling the inviting waters of Tobago Cays Marine Park, hike La Soufriere Volcano, and moor in the middle of secluded bays.

The British Virgin Islands

With all that the British Virgin Islands have to offer each one of its guests, it should absolutely be added to your list of destinations to pop on over to. Often regarded as the boating capital of the Caribbean itself. Set sail and hit up the famous Norman Island Indians or better yet, the popular Virgin Gorda Baths! Palm trees swaying, crystal clear waters surrounding you, and an open invitation to places like Jost Van Dyke’s White Bay where the Soggy Dollar Bar will serve you up its famous Painkillers. You simply cannot go wrong when going on a sailing holiday through the one of the top Carribean Islands – the British Virgin Islands.

The Leeward Islands – St. Martin, Anguilla, St. Barts, St. Kitts,  & Nevis

Once you have explored at least most of what the British Virgin Islands had to offer. Make your way on over to this cluster of islands just 90 miles east. With such close proximity to each other, you can spend your days doing island hopping. Things like the Creole market in St. Martin’s French capital of Marigot, the insanely awesome snorkeling in Anguilla’s Crocus Bay at Pelican Point, and the particularly fantastic sailing community surround each one and will keep you wishing your vacation was just a bit longer.

The Spanish Virgin Islands – The Passage Islands

Many times travelers will think their only options are the ones listed above and fail to realize that just a hop and a skip away is a place likely just as magical as the previous islands. The Spanish Virgin Islands are located a mere six miles southeast of Puerto Rico. They offer some of the most laid back and chilled atmospheres available. It is lesser known than the BVI, you’ll get the chance to enjoy seclusion in a tranquil yet beautiful location. Sail around tiny inlets and explore what makes this part of the Caribbean just as alluring as the other destinations.

The Abacos Islands – Bahamas

Despite that instant image you have in your head about overly developed Bahamian resort areas, crazy college spring break parties, and those cheap cruises setting up the port, the Bahamas isn’t just that. Pass right over those parts and head over to the Out Islands of the Abacos where white sandy beaches, secluded harbors, and some of the most beautiful scenery awaits your arrival. From the dreamlike sand of Treasure Cove to the hidden coves beckoning you to sit down, relax, and take in the beauty that surrounds you, you’ll soon wonder why everyone else hasn’t opted for staying in the Abacos Islands.