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Top 12 Anchorages Ibiza

If you're looking for the perfect spot to anchor during your sailing holiday, look no further than Ibiza. This Spanish gem boasts white sandy beaches, an unbeatable climate, and a prime location just off the coast of Valencia. Whether you're stopping for the day or for a few nights, there are plenty of great anchorages to consider in this beautiful corner of the world. Here are some of the best...

1. Cala Vadella Anchorage Ibiza

Cala Vadella anchorage Ibiza

A rather small and hidden cove that tends to fill up during the high season, Cala Vadella is still a great spot to anchor. Although not advised during strong winds coming from the west, at all other times this cove provides great shelter from all other directions. Once you anchor, you’ll find a fantastic assortment of great restaurants and bars, as well as some supermarkets to stock your supplies at. You’ll be anchoring over the conditions of weed, rock, and sand.

2. Cala d’Horts

This anchorage is exposed to the east winds in particular but provides not only a nice sandy anchorage for sailors but also spectacular views of the beautiful Es Vedra Island. You can stop and enjoy another great selection of restaurants and bars right along the sandy beach here – be sure to have your camera ready for the great scenery you’ll be admiring during your meal.

3. Atlantis

A view of Atlantis

Exposing you to south and southeast winds, Atlantis boasts some of the best characteristics you could wish for, all the while not being too well-known. With its clear waters, impressive views of Es Vedra, mysterious wild goats, and a certain charm, you certainly cannot go wrong in choosing this anchorage! In addition, you’ll get the chance to witness the historic and beautiful Dalt Vila wall in the center of Ibiza the moment you take anchor. Perfectly caramel-colored rocks make this a true wonder well worth the visit.

4. Port Roig

Fantastic protection exposing you to only winds from the southeast, Port Roig boasts a tranquil setting throughout most times of the year – partly due to the lack of restaurants and bars. However, outside the busy periods of July and August, you’ll get to experience what many consider to be one of the most enchanting anchorages in Ibiza.

5. Cala Conta

Undoubtedly one of the best anchorages for those in search of a breathtaking sunset, Cala Conta has winds exposed from the west and a clean sand anchorage to take advantage of. Although fairly swarmed with crowds during the summer months, this is one anchorage where the pictures you take will be very worth your while.

6. Cala Salada

Cala Salada

With an exposing of winds coming from the west and the combination of weed, rock, and sand, this anchorage provides a fantastic shelter among a gorgeous natural setting. Its close location to San Antonio does make this quite a popular spot during the high season to consider. Furthermore, be aware of the rocks on the north side of the bay when anchoring.

7. Cala Basa

Typically, very well protected during the peak summer months, this cover catches the north-west wind and will have you anchoring over the conditions of mainly sand and weed. If you are needing a quieter setting, head to the northern end that is furthest from Beach Club CBBC but beware you will be anchoring in about 10 meters of water.

8. Cala Sardina

Very commonly referred to as the best of the best when it comes to anchorages in Ibiza – Cala Sardina boasts beautiful surrounding cliffs making a natural amphitheater, inviting fisherman’s huts, fantastic sandy beaches, off-the-beaten-path adventures, and a truly peaceful setting unlike any other. Many travelers decide to anchor in at Cala Sardina to expose themselves to nature and to de-stress from all the worries of life. You can also get the chance to explore the lovely hidden village of Santa Ines – a pleasant worthwhile spot to check out. If that sounds like you, don’t miss out on this truly unique gem! You’ll be anchoring in waters anywhere between 9 and 13 meters with mainly rock bottoms and a few sandy patches to be aware of.

9. Cala Xarraca

Cala Xarraca

A sandy and rocky anchorage with winds exposed from the north and northeast, Cala Xarraca is both a large and open bay featuring three smaller beaches. Once you’ve chosen your anchored spot, head out and enjoy delicious paellas, fresh fish, and a peaceful atmosphere at the lovely restaurant of S’Illot on the hill.

10. Cala Benirras anchorage Ibiza

Another one for all of you sunset chasers out there, Cala Benirras opens you up to the beautiful northeast where natural, calm settings await you at arrival. Known for its unique ties with the hippy era, there is quite the assortment of young, Bohemian travelers who come here to soak up the laidback atmosphere and overall lovely ambiance. We suggest anchoring at the north side of the island where you will receive protection from the northern winds.

11. Cala Portintax anchorage Ibiza

Much like that of Cala Xarraca, this particular harbor provides you with wind protection from all directions but the north. And although it was once much less developed, it is still considered to be one of the best in Ibiza to take anchorage. An inviting town with plenty to see and do. While being there everything helps make your anchorage at Cala Portintax worth the while.

12. Cala Jondal & Es Xarco

Last, but certainly not least is the combination of the two Cala Jondal and Es Xarco, where both are wide open to the south and mesmerizing turquoise waters over white sand invite you to explore upon arrival. Beautiful rocky beaches where crowds tend to flock during the busy summer months, with an amazing array of great restaurants and bars in both anchorages worth discovering. Whether you enjoy fresh seafood, tropical drinks, or are simply looking to party until the early hours of the morning, it is all possible at these two Ibiza anchorages.