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Skippered Yacht Charter

We’ve talked about how to charter a yacht, but how exactly can you get a skippered yacht charter? Today we will discuss what options you have with a skippered yacht charter and tell you why this option might be best for you.

What is a skippered yacht charter?

Skippered yacht charters are when a skipper is operating the boat, and the skipper is
hired under an agreement that is separate from your chartered yacht. You can either
directly hire your skipper, do it through the yacht charter agent you are working with, or
simply through a crewing agent.

Having a skippered yacht is different than a crewed charter. Usually, crews will be
assigned to specific boats, and crew members include a skipper, chefs, waiters, and
others who help with the day to day routines during the trip. If you don’t want a full crew,
then a skippered yacht is the way to go.

Sit back and relax…

You don’t have to learn how to sail to enjoy a chartered yacht trip; the option of
purchasing a skippered yacht charter can be an enjoyable experience. Skippered yacht
charters are more affordable than you may think. Having a skipper also takes out the
worries of navigating new waters on a boat you’ve never used before. Honestly, you
don’t even have to have sailing qualifications to purchase this kind of trip. Professional
skippers are well trained and familiar with the area, so they will act as local guides and
tell you the best spots to visit as you sail and explore. Skippers can also take care of the
safety aspects of sailing and navigation so you can relax.

Relaxing on a boat

Skippered vs. bareboat

The differences between bareboat yacht charters and skippered yacht charters are that
with bareboat charters, you and your crew have to navigate, anchor, and sail the boat
by yourselves. Bareboat charters require at least one member of your group to have
proper sailing qualifications to rent out a boat. Foreign countries often have varying
qualifications and requirements for sailing so do your research before booking a
bareboat charter. Skippered yachts are a great option because it allows you to fully
enjoy all the sights and sounds of your travel destination. Skippered yachts are also the perfect option for new sailors and others who have no previous experience sailing.

Anywhere and everywhere

With a skippered yacht, you can sail virtually anywhere you want to whether it’s the
Caribbean islands, the British Isles, the Mediterranean, places like the Philippines and
Thailand, or even off the coasts of New Zealand. The sky is the limit when it comes to
planning a sailing itinerary for your trip. Greece tends to be a top-rated sailing
destination if you are interested. However, you must plan on at least a one week trip if
you want to do any skippered yacht charter.

What to love about a skippered yacht

We love that skippered yacht charters provide you with a more intimate and unique
experience than taking a trip on a large cruise ship. Your skipper will be there to meet
you on the departure day, and at that point, you can discuss your itinerary so that they
can be aware of the best routes to take. The average amount of time that skippers
travel is about 3 to 4 hours during the morning hours into the afternoon so you can all
stop for lunch. You also have to allocate a specific cabin for your skipper since they will
be sleeping on the boat. Throughout your trip, you will most likely form a close
bond with your skipper, but they always respect your privacy and will do everything in
their power to make your trip a memorable experience.