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What Happens When Sailing Meets Adventure Travel

We’ve all heard stories about brave explorers. They leave the comfort of their homes to discover the unknown in the adventure of a lifetime. From Magellan and Marco Polo to more recent adventurers. Such as Laura Dekker, who sailed the world solo at the age of 15. What all these people have in common is that they all share the love for sailing. They have engraved their names in the world’s history by exploring the oceans. The list of people unafraid to live life on the edge of human possibilities is endless. There is also no doubt, their adventures are fascinating.

However, not all of us embark on crazy expeditions in the jungles or sail to Antarctica on a daily basis. So, we can’t help but wonder. Why do these people do this? What is the fascination with this way of life? And for the ones with a bit more fire in their blood, how can someone embark on a sailing adventure today?

The Essence of Adventure Travel & Sailing

There are so many fantastic destinations that offer the ultimate adventure experience. But before that, let’s first try to understand the nature of adventure travel and sailing. Firstly, it’s important to notice that adventure travel is a type of niche tourism. We also associate it with a certain degree of risk. Depending on the destination or the activity it may also require specialized skills and physical exertion. On the other hand, sailing is not necessarily connected to risk and adventure. It’s often quite the opposite with sailors and sailing lovers looking for the most serene, relaxing and danger-free destination.

With the beautiful world of sailing, you can decide. Whether you want to relax or you want to go off the grid and manage a boat in unknown waters, it all depends on the destination, the boat, and your desires. Therefore, we can say that sailing is just as fluent as water. It can be whatever you like, and in the case, of adventure sailing, it can be mild or extreme. One thing is certain, it will combine all the opportunities adventure travel offers with the exciting experience that sailing is known for.

The Advantages of Adventure Sailing

With the lure of adventure sailing on the rise, more and more sailors are chartering big yachts or joining adventure holidays. The fulfillment of doing something so life-defining aside, there is also other positives as sailors point out. Adventure sailing lets you get away from over the top restaurants and crowded beaches. It opens the door to a world of hidden gems and solitude in unspoiled nature. Visiting locations no one has touched before is thrilling to many people. Moreover, it undeniably creates one of a kind memories.

Furthermore, something that should be noted is that nowadays we have access to advanced navigation technology. The early adventure sailors had to face many challenging conditions. Luckily, today we have many amazing apps, such as the Navionics App. They allows us to use GPS, highly accurate weather forecasting and advanced marine technology. This makes sailing more secure and more enjoyable.

If you are interested in locations that are generally off-limits to tourists and can only be accessed by boat, check out our list that explores such exclusive destinations. Furthermore, the increasingly more cheap air travel is making sailing more accessible to a global audience. So, if you want to explore the world and be one of these people that have Adventure as their best friend, you can. All you have to do is dive in and dare to be curious. To help you with that we also have some suggestions for places to visit.

Croatia, The Best Destination for Soft Adventure Sailing

Adventure-oriented holidays enable people to travel to the far reaches of the globe. You might want to witness the breathtaking cold beauty of Antarctica. Or you want to find a secret cove in the whiskey clear waters of Croatia. No matter what your aim is, the appeal for smaller crowds and untouched nature is evident.

For this first location, we wanted to focus on a place that offers plenty of opportunities to explore secluded areas, while still remaining serene and bearing less risk. That beautiful destination is Croatia. In 2019, this stunning country appears to have become the adventure sailor’s favorite. People go there in search of remote coves, crystal clear water, quiet bays, and untouched nature. And Croatia never disappoints them. With stunning islands in the Adriatic sea, such as Lastovo and Dugi Otok, as well as numerous islets, we can guarantee you will enjoy the secluded retreat, breathtaking scenery, cultural heritage and the peace and tranquillity you are looking for.

In addition to that, it is suitable for social distancing travelers and sailors. If you plan your sailing adventure before the high season in summer, then for sure you will enjoy a non-crowded and tranquil Croatia.

Antarctica, The Ultimate Adventure

Now that we have talked about the middle ground of adventure sailing – Croatia, it’s time we go in deep and discuss one of the most extreme and challenging adventure destinations – Antarctica. We know this destination, which is also one of the most remote and magnificent places on Earth, is not for everyone, but no adventure destination list can be complete without this polar challenge.

Antarctica is one of a kind place that is meant for the most intrepid explorers passionate about serious adventure. One thing is certain, you won’t find a more exhilarating way to experience Antarctica than on a boat expedition. With just a few departures each season, this is the most exclusive of opportunities! However, the ones that dare to try it will see what it’s like to be surrounded by seals, whales, and icebergs.

Moreover, Antarctica is perfect for social distancing. For the ones who seek adventurous traveling and want to avoid touristy crowds – that is your destination!

So what do you think? Is this adventure sailing something you would like to try or do you prefer to read about it in the comfort of your home? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page. No matter if you are ready to plan your own sailing adventure or your relaxed sailing holiday, take a look at our boat rental offers at Tubber. We are always here for you, and our experts are ready to answer all your questions 24/7!