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Sailing in The Land Of Smiles: Thailand

Embark on an adventure and explore South Thailand, famous for its numerous beautiful beaches. In the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, you can visit magical places such as Phuket Province and Koh Phi Phi that have captured the hearts of many tourists. Sailing in the Land of Smiles, in stunning Thailand is a dream come true, and with the guide, we have prepared for you, everything you need to know is just a scroll down away. Let's dive into the Thai World. Explore its stunning nature, sacred culture, and we hope what you read inspires you to pick Thailand for your next sailing holiday.

Friendly people, entertaining activities, culture, and history are just some of the things that await you in the Land of Smiles. With its sacred temples glittering in golden hues and stunning white-sanded beaches, Thailand is a dream tourist destination.

Nature & Beaches

To put it simply, Thailand is your ultimate tropical getaway. From jungle islands dipped in azure waters to long coastlines, this place has it all. No matter if you are an adrenaline junkie, a serenity lover or anything else in between. It is certain that the Land of the Smiles has your type of entertainment. You just have to decide, do you want to dive with whale sharks off Ko Tao, relax in the health resorts of Ko Samui or just eat fruits wherever sand meets the sea? Options are endless.

And this is not where it ends. Thailand is not only about beaches and sand. This land’s nature is rich and diverse. Hidden in between culture cities and cozy villages, lays the rural heartland. A mix of rice paddies, tropical forests, agricultural fields, and mountains blessed with silver waterfalls create a picturesque landscape that could never be forgotten.


The strategic location of Thailand allows for it to be impacted by both summer and winter monsoons. This results in three main seasons – the wet season that continues six months, dry cold season for three months and a blissful hot season for three months. This last season continues from February to May, and it’s the perfect moment to sail to Thailand. The best places to visit during this period are the beaches and islands in the South and the East of Thailand.

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Religion & Culture

Religion, sacred rituals, and the celestial world play an essential role in this Buddhist nation. The religious devotion of people in Thailand is colorful and ubiquitous. Sacred grounds in the form of gleaming temples frame the entire landscape, while ancient banyan trees are being wrapped in sacred cloth to honor the spirits. Fortune-bringing shrines reside in both humble homes and grand malls, while religious festivals brighten the streets. Thailand is a place where religion and culture intertwine peacefully and harmonically to deliver an experience for both the mind and the soul to anyone who visits.

Thai Cuisine

When talking about Thailand, there is no way not to mention their cuisine since it is adored all around the world. More than being delicious, Thai cuisine is the expression of Thai culture. The food is generous, warm, refreshing, and relaxed, just like Thailand itself. The dishes rely on fresh, local ingredients, while the whole national menu is being built around four fundamental flavors: spicy, sweet, salty, and sour. On your next sailing holiday to Thailand, make sure you devote some time to exploring the noodle snacks of Bangkok, the seafood in Phuket and the Burmese market stalls in Mae Sot.

Explore Bangkok

Let’s Dig In

The sentence “The same, but different” can sum up Bangkok. A city where the known and the exotic face each other. Just like the flavors on a plate of pàt tai. Furthermore, that is precisely one of the first things you should try in Bangkok; the daring street food that offers an explosion of flavors. This is definitely not a place for those who like white tablecloths and classic cuisine. Bangkok is for adventurous foodies who are ready to experience a truly diverse mix of tastes. Dishes gather here from all regions of Thailand. The base flavors aren’t exactly meat and potatoes. However, there is no doubt this beautiful city is one of the best dining destinations in the world.

Sense of Fun in the Land of Smiles

The capital of Bangkok is a place where cultures meet. At first, it may seem like the culture, and the language barrier is high. However, if you give this city a chance, you will see that all can be communicated through a smile. And the universal sà·nùk, which is the resident’s sense of fun. In Bangkok, anything you do to enjoy yourself should have an element of sà·nùk. From ordering food to changing money, every activity should involve a sense of playfulness and a smile.

Explore Railay

The Railay Peninsula, located along the southern coast of Thailand, is a piece of heaven with a typical island feel. This is thanks to its dense jungle that cuts it off from the rest of Krabi. With its dramatic cliffs and thick jungle to the heavenly beaches, Railay truly has it all. However, the one thing that really makes this place unique is the vibe. Railay is not your usual hot-spot in Thailand. The relaxed atmosphere you usually find here is mixed with a specific Caribbean Island feel that welcomes adventure.

One of the biggest and well-known attractions are rock formations. The perfect playground for any rock-climber fanatic. What’s even better is that it’s only accessible by boat and on a sailing holiday you have a green ticket. Unlike many other tourists. Thanks to this Railay remains secluded and untouched by mass tourism.