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Sailing in Australia

In the east of Australia, near Queensland, lies the coral reef for which this region has become so well-known. As the reef behind the water protects the itinerary for boats and yachts there from the ocean, a stunning lagoon is formed and it is a paradise for sailing in Australia.
Photo from the Whitsunday Island from above

Hundreds of anchorages

The hundreds of anchorages and fascinating islands with white sandy beaches, tourists cannot resist the experience of sailing with a boat in Australia. For us, the Europeans, it is real summertime heaven compared to a summer day on the IJsselmeer. Manta rays and dolphins are a common sight and from July to September the humpback whales come along the Whitsunday Islands on their migration routes to Arctic waters. Navigation is not difficult here, but our people on-site will be happy to discuss the sailing routes with you. Little experience with sailing then a skipper will stay on board with you.

The most beautiful sailing area in the world!

There are 74 islands around the Whitsundays and most of the islands are uninhabited. At Tubber, we have no competition for the most beautiful sailing area in the world. But if we had that, the Whitsundays would have a good chance. All stereotypes and all photos of paradise islands seem to have their origins here. Hook Island, Nara Inlet, Stonehaven, and Butterfly Bay. From Cid Harbor to the Rif, or climb the Whitsunday Peek. With a connection via the airport of Whitsunday Coast Airport, the connections are doable, but Australians are less spoiled than Europeans in terms of long journeys. Take that into account.

The best time to go sailing in Australia

Summer (Wet Season): Dec.-Feb.

Even though it sounds strange, the months of December and January are the hottest in Australia and are the rainiest season as well. A high possibility exists for a thunderstorm, sometimes with a tropical cyclone. Apart from the natural storms, this is the pick of the sailing season there and even the locals cannot miss it!

The best time to go sailing in Australia is from May to December!

Fall (cool season): March-May.

Fall is the time to cool down and recover from the hot wet summer season. The temperatures in the whole country are decreasing, however, going to the beach is still a great option due to the fact that the water temperatures are still perfect for swimming. This also means that sailing is not to be skipped! 

Winter (coldest season): June – August

This time of the year is generally regarded as the most pleasant in every sense of the word – from low rainfall, comfortable temperatures during the day, and cool nights. The days are sunny, and even though this is the coldest time of the year, it stays warmer than in many places in the world during the summer.

Spring (dry season): September – November

The spring months are very similar to the fall months. The days start getting longer, the weather turns into either very dry or rainy. Locals themselves start preparing for the next rainy season while it gets hotter and hotter every day.

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