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Sailing Around The Amalfi Coast

When talking about the top sailing destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, it is essential to mention the West Italian coast, the stunning Portofino, and the range of gorgeous areas in the Salerno Gulf in the Tyrrhenian Sea. However, the Amalfi Coast has become extremely high on my list of beautiful places.

Cruising down the Amalfi Coast will offer stunning natural landscapes and intriguing sites. Such as Il Galli, Ravello, I Faraglioni, Amalfi, and Positano. The coast is considered a World UNESCO Heritage Site since the 1990s. Visitors will stumble across plenty of moorings and fairytale-like landscapes.

Amalfi Village

View of Amalfi Village

One of the top places during the sailing holiday to visit is Amalfi itself. Maybe one of the most authentic villages there is along the coast. Visitors here can look forward to wandering around the harbour, gazing at the mountains, and cliff diving. One of the most famous attractions is Rovell. A village that resides 400 m north and has some of Italy’s most renowned villas, La Villa Rufolo and La Villa Cimbrone, which have pretty gardens and fantastic views of the Gulf of Salerno.

Legend has it that Richard Wagner found inspiration in those gardens back in 1880 and used it to fuel his creation of the famed character of Klingsor in his opera titled Parsifal. During the show, Klingsor gathered all of the most beautiful women in the garden and asked them to go on a mission to destroy all of the Graal’s knights. Now, every summer, Rovella hosts a festival dedicated to Wagner.

After a day spent visiting the villa, consider leaving your boat for the night and checking into one of the 11 suites that are offered at the Palazzo Avino which used to be called the Palazzo Sasso. Luckily for guests, it has almost the same panoramic views as La Villa Rufolo.

And, before leaving Amalfi Village, make sure to stop into the incredible patisserie called Dolceria dell’Antico Portico. Popping in there for an Espresso and pastries is highly recommended, and you will probably be glad that you did.


View of Positano on a cliff

The next stop that you should park your boat at is Positano. It is located 8 NM away from Amalfi, heading west. Technically located on a cliff, you won’t want to walk there but instead climb the stairs.  Due to its location, Positano is incredibly unique and special. If you have the time, try to see the Sirenuse Hotel, a panoramic hotel with amazing views. Because of the hotel’s location on the cliff, nearly all of the rooms have a view over the bay. The hotel’s restaurant, La Sponda, is a Michelin Star-rated restaurant and is a fantastic place to have dinner with those that you love. You will be sure to be treated to a night of fantastic food, Italian guitar songs, candles, and a gulf-side view. And, if you plan on trying the infamous lemon liquor, Limoncello, this is a great place to taste it. Just the bay itself is enough of a reason to go sailing around Amalfi altogether.

Li Galli

Make sure to check out Li Galli, three islets located between Capri and Positano which are named, La Rotonda, La Castelluccia, and Gallo Lungo. Strangely enough, they were previously owned by Rudolf Nureyev, a Russian ballet dancer but are now rented out to wealthy tourists by their new owners. That’s right, you can actually rent an island if you can afford it. Sailing around the islets is incredible but spending a night at La Villa Giovanni seems truly unbelievable. (If you have experienced staying here, please let us know in the comments!)

Another fantastic attraction to check out is the Faraglioni stacks close to Capri. The stacks are geological landforms that have steep columns of rocks that are located along the coast in the sea, caused by erosion.


With beauty, charm, and plenty of stairs to climb, Capri is another great place to visit. During your visit, make sure to check out the Grotta Azzura, which is one of the top 10 caves you should definitely visit in your life. Stretching for 10 meters, the cave also has a river running through it which is endlessly blue. However, if you visit during the high season, expect plenty of crowds.

All of these places are quite unique, and we really do recommend that you take the time to explore them. By hopping on your boat and cruising down the Amalfi Coast, you will be in for plenty of wonders, surprises, and enchanting times. If you don’t have access to a boat of your own, consider renting from Tubber. Happy sailing!