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Party flotilla: logbook Greece 2018, 2019 and 2020

This is a log of what our party flotilla sailing holiday looks like. Have you never sailed and had no idea what to bring with you? View our handy packing list.

It’s June 2, 2018. The first people at the party flotilla arrive in the marina of Athens. With cameras in hand and high expectations of the holiday, they slowly gather at the port. In total, 32 adventurous travelers from all over Europe will travel to the Greek capital. The group will prepare for seven days of island hopping with a total of four sailing yachts. Athens is the perfect starting point for a trip to the islands of the Peloponnese. The island lies southwest of Athens. Participants will enjoy this week’s remote islands, empty beaches, a live concert on the water, photography workshops, kite surfing, freediving, and of course, lots of sailing!

An unforgettable sailing holiday

A large part of the group comes on board for the adventure and the love for the sea. For participation, you do not need skills in sailing. More important is the right attitude: peacefulness, curious, and open to other people and cultures.

Furthermore, the region is very stable in May and June, with peaceful nights and clear blue skies throughout the day. This makes it the perfect destination for a journey that focuses on relaxation and discovery. The trip is reminiscent of a holiday with four large luxury mobile homes, only without traffic jams, tiresome camping rules, and annoying neighbors. The parking lot is now a great view of the sea, and you just need to take one step for a beautiful dive in the water.

Day 1 check-in, arrive and shop

The boats can enter on Saturday at 6 pm. Each yacht has four bedrooms, a kitchen with a living room, and a couch for eight people. However, many preparations have to be made before the sailing trip. Just like the airport, the crew must register their personal data with the port police, a total of 240 servings of food and drinking water must be bought and transported.

However, this is only one part of the entire organization of the journey, which is going on for the last three months. However, the group doesn’t notice this. They just feel the excitement and joy from the sailing holiday starting. Earlier in the day, the weather was terrible, there were many flights canceled and a few participants worried about their trip. For a moment, there were a few doubts about whether the sailing holiday could start on Sunday morning. Luckily the last participants arrived at four o’clock in Athens, and the trip could begin on schedule.

Day 2 Course to Methana

View between trees of the marina in Methana Greece

The time has finally come: Captain Ecki sets sail, and the party flotilla is on its way! After the briefing, we set a course for Methana, a small island south of Athens. Claire and Nicki from Dublin and David are the skippers on the other yachts. The three met in the Caribbean in 2017. Everyone is excited to start the journey. The three friendly skippers are eager to sail side by side to the destination. Five hours and 20 nautical miles later, the three one by one enter the port of Methana, where they receive a beer from Ecki and his crew. The air is warm, the beer is cold, and the atmosphere is excellent. Some go swimming in the crystal clear harbor, while others enjoy fresh fish in one of the small restaurants near the water.

Day 3 Lumbago and quietness

Everyone wakes up slowly after the nightly activities. The boat is cleaned, and the sheets are folded. Some of the groups start their day with a jump from the ship into the clear blue water. Others are preparing the boats, a skipper has suffered a back injury while trying to lift the dinghy. Fortunately, the crew is well prepared, and there is a doctor on board who takes care of the skipper. An incapacitated skipper who isn’t able to sail – what now? Fortunately, Gijs, the Dutch replacement skipper, is one of the participants and takes over the helm. The photo course is being followed on the beautiful peninsula. Thanks to the short distance to Porros, there is enough time for photographers to carry out their passion. Everyone explores the picturesque island in its own way, whether it is by wakeboarding, kite surfing, or a nature photo tour with scooters.

Day 4 Porto Cheli Vs. Madraki

Panoramic view of the port and city of Porto Cheli in Greece

Things have to be solved on a boat, and the skippers decide to split up for this night. The ships of Eckis and David leave on time and head for the natural port of Porto Heli for the Nicki Beach Resort. Later Claire and Nicki go for Hydra Island to swim in the bright bay and for repairs, safety first!

Day 5 live music at Dokos

The repair has now been carried out. After a beautiful sunset with a quiet night at Porto Heli, all skippers sail from the party flotilla to the common goal: Dokos. A small deserted island with beautiful bays. Here you do not just dive, play water polo or walk because something special was created for the evening. After this, the four boats are brought together; at sunset, the crew starts to prepare for the evening. The yachts are decorated with lanterns, spots are fixed, and the music equipment is set up. Among the participants is a two-piece band and other musical talents, which will give the guests a great evening. The live concert under the stars on the water can begin. A breathtaking evening that nobody will forget anytime soon…

Day 6 Moni Island and Aegina

The second last day of the party flotilla breaks, we are sailing to the destination Aegina. Aegina invites you to linger at the restaurants on the water. The group is enjoying good food and lots of wine in the evening. Some will explore the city, others enjoy a glass of wine on the boat at ease and let the evening come to an end. The next morning, the last day of the trip, we are making a short detour to the island of Moni before we head for Athens. However, just before Aegina lies this small, dreamy island. Here you will find crystal clear water, beautiful nature and a beach bar that can only be reached by boat. After the skippers are anchored, the participants entertain themselves by diving, walking or drinking cocktails to enjoy the last day of the holiday.

Farewell to the party flotilla participants

The party flotilla has gone by so fast and has almost ended. We sail again towards Athens, where this fantastic journey started. After seven days on board, nobody is ready to end the trip. They used to be strangers, but now they have become friends. A few tears flow, and the saying goodbye part remains difficult. Not everyone leaves home the same day; many stay in the city for a few days to enjoy the holiday a bit longer. This trip has left a lasting impression.

Party flotilla: June 2019 in Croatia

The next party flotilla in Croatia took place in June 2019. On June 1 and June 8, we started sailing from Trogir to the Dalmatian islands of Vis and Hvar. A total of 2 x 7 days, we were sailing with a maximum of five yachts. Just like last year, there was no requirement for sailing skills. Yoga, Live Concerts, SUP Sunset Tours, Beach Cinema, Wakeboarding, and a dive at the Teti Shipwreck provided unforgettable moments.

The next Party flotilla: 2020

The next party flotilla will be held this year. It will take place from the 26th of September till the 3rd of October in the area of Alimos and the Saronic Islands in Greece. This is the chosen period due to the fact that the tourist season is getting low and cheaper and the water is still nice and warm.

In terms of the programme, there will be beach parties at Moni island’s beach bar.  Yachts could either anchor right in front of the beach bar or take a berth in the small fishing village of Perdika and transfer with a water taxi. A Stand-up paddleboard Tour and Beach Cinemar with a projector will be part of the flotilla as well.

The average age of the participants is 25-35 years. However, there are a few older participants. The main languages during the flotilla will be English and German as people from all countries are invited. The maximum yachts that can be part of that adventure are 10, and there are already a couple that is booked. If you are interested, contact our Tubber team! Rent a yacht, and let’s enjoy this adventure in Greece together!