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Lycian Coast Sailing Itinerary

Come sail through Turkey's beautiful Lycian Coast. Its clear, blue waters give the coast its nickname, "The Turquoise Coast." Tubber has created a sailing itinerary for your next holiday to the land where the East meets the West.

We have put together an ideal 6-day sailing itinerary, so you can explore and enjoy all the Lycian Coast.

Day 1 – Arrive in Fethiye

Explore the idyllic old town of Fethiye with shops and a seaside restaurant. Hike up the rock tombs while you’re here, viewing the ancient burial tombs and looking out across the bay. Check out the Fethiye Market for fresh, local fruits and vegetables. At the market, you must also try Gözleme, a traditional Turkish flatbread.

Above view of Fethiye

Day 2 – Sarsala Creek

Take a swim in the clear waters of the cove or relax in a tree slung hammock. Check out the family-run restaurant for a nice meal. Sarsala creek also offers delicious, local honey that is a must-try!

Sarsala Creek

Day 3 – Cold Water Bay

Sail across the Cold Water Bay before entering the hidden cove. From the cove, a short walk will take you into an ancient Greek Village. After viewing the ancient village, take a swim in the cool waters of the cove.

Day 4 – Tomb Bay

Tomb Bay is surrounded by ancient tombs and freshwater springs, Tomb Bay is a historical and tranquil place to stay for a day. Anchorage is available if you dine in the restaurant, in this restaurant you will find local cuisine as well as fresh seafood.

Day 5 – Ekincik

Head to Ekincik for a trip up the Dalyan River. The Iztuzu Beach, near the river, houses a sanctuary protecting the famous Loggerhead Sea turtles of Turkey. If you’re lucky, you can see the turtles pop their heads above the waters, or catch a glimpse of their tracks heading to shore to lay eggs. Perhaps even luckier, would be a chance to swim alongside the turtles!


Day 6 – Marmaris

In Marmaris visit the bazaar for souvenirs or take a traditional Turkish Bath before dinner. This will be the endpoint of your trip if you are only sailing for a week. However, if you’re staying for more than a week there are plenty of other sights to see! Head fro Kumlu Buku with various restaurants, Turunc is a popular destination for watersport enthusiasts, or Gerbeske, home to a Byzantine trading post.

The Lycian Coast is a perfect holiday sailing destination. See the East meet the West culture, as well as food, and historic sights. The Turquoise waters and sunsets are only a plus to the many attractions offered in Turkey.