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Join the Lava Experience in the Canary Islands

No vacation plans yet? You will definitely love to join the Lava experience in the Canary Islands... "Lava Charter stands for the development as well as for the natural preservation of the Canary Islands as a fantastic sailing district. They want to inspire people to experience the passion for sailing, appreciate nature in its pristine form and advocate its protection" Lava Charter offers different cruise plans for a sailing holiday that cover the best of the Canary Islands. They have one-week, two-week, and three-week cruises. Here you will read more about the one-week cruise since it is perfect for the upcoming spring holidays!

Starting from Sunday, the one-week cruise plan is the following:

  • Sunday, Day 1: Your trip start from Marina Lanzarote to La Graciosa anchoring Playa Francesa.
  • Monday, Day 2: The second day you will go for a short drive to La Graciosa’s harbor where you can appreciate the view and relax for a while.  
  • Tuesday, Day 3: The cruise will take you from La Graciosa to La Marina Rubicon.
  • Wednesday, Day 4: On Wednesday you will cross to Corralejo with bathing stops offshore from Lobos Island.
  • Thursday, Day 5: This day the cruise will take you from Corralejo to Puerto Calero.
  • Friday, Day 6: The last day you will go from Puerto Calero to Arrecife.

Sunday to Tuesday

The journey starts in the new Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife. The first destination is La Graciosa island where an excursion to the countryside is a must! Most of the paths are sandy with grey-green plants that grow there such as, Aulaga, and Barilla. You’ll be able to see the Agujas Grandes and the Agujas Chicas that are in the middle of the island and are the highest areas of the island (266 m). As well as Montaña Bermeja, which is situated in the north surrounded by the beach, Playa de las Conchas. The mountain got its name because of the scarlet lava that is made up.

Don’t miss Playa Lambra that is just a few kilometers away! A natural beach that is not as visited as other beaches so you can appreciate the true nature of this place. Later, visit Montaña Amarilla located on the opposite side of Montaña Bermeja in the southwest of the island. Montaña Amarilla is famous for its colors yellow and red, you’ll surely be astonished when you get there.

Playa de la Cocina and Playa Francesa, are the best for swimming and having fun in their tranquil turquoise colored water to which you can get on foot. Those who come from Arrecife may either stay one night at the bay of Playa Francesa and go to the harbor (Puerto Calero) the next day or vice versa. Tip: The registration for the nature reserve at Lava charter’s office is mandatory!

Wednesday to Friday

We go from La Graciosa to the northwest coast of Lanzarote, approximately 37 sea miles distant from Marina Rubicon. There you’ll find restaurants, shops, and art exhibitions that invite you to walk and enjoy your time at the harbor. The next stop is Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura. On the way to Corralejo, you can swim at the uninhabited Lobos’ island. If you are lucky, you might swim with turtles.  After, we return to Puerto Calero, the perfect place for people who love great weather and sea. On our way to Puerto Calero, you can visit Papagayo’s beach, one of Lanzarote’s major attractions. There are six beaches within the rocky coastal strip with soft white sand and crystal clear water. Finally, from Puerto Calero, the cruise returns to Arrecife, the starting point. 

If you prefer renting a boat for a week and going at your own pace, you can click here to check all the options.